Hello Egypt!

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I am extremely excited to be here! It’s the end of my second week and I’m having such a good stay so far. I visited the Great Pyramids of Giza with Mark over the past weekend and collided full force with an enduring challenge of being a world traveller: how to properly appreciate the great wonders of the world.

Pyramids of Giza, CairoPerhaps, I will write about that in a different article but I recall standing at the base of the Pyramids and just being struck with awe. How were these structures constructed and how are they still standing – mostly intact after almost 5,000 years?

The Great Pyramids of GizaThere are many theories about this and it’s been so interesting to hear and read about them. By the time I leave the country, I would have come up with mine 🙂

First Impressions of Egypt…

Cairo I don’t remember the exact moment I decided I wanted to see the Pyramids but I do remember the book ‘The Alchemist’ igniting that passion again. The ‘Universe’ responded with a trip to Morocco – the beginning of my personal legend and a few months later, a trip to Egypt to see the Pyramids, the beginning of Santiago’s.

Nile Sunset CairoSomehow, I expected Cairo (Egypt) to be very similar to cities in Morocco. There are a few cultural similarities but there’s also such a huge contrast between the two countries and their cities. The latter being slightly more laid back and charming than the former.

Getting a Visa to Egypt from Nigeria

The process of getting this visa was quite easy and straightforward – well, if you exclude having to fly down to Abuja to submit my documents. I arrived at the embassy at 9:00am and got a number assigned to me. At 9:40am, an official called our numbers and we lined up to gain access into the building.

After going through security, we proceeded to the main auditorium where I submitted my documents. A rep checked them and handed me a slip to come pick up my passport later. That was it. My visa was approved after 7 working days and my passport was ready to be picked up after another 3 days.

PS: The Egyptian Embassy Address is;

Egyptian Embassy in Abuja, Nigeria
Plot 340, Diplomatic Drive,
Central Area, Abuja

The embassy opens from 9am to 12pm, Mondays through Fridays, except public holidays.

Getting to Egypt from Nigeria

If I could go from Nigeria to Egypt by road, honestly I would. I still hate flying but luckily, I had a good time flying with Turkish Airlines. The flight time from Lagos to Cairo by air using a direct service like Egypt air is about 5 hours . With Turkish Airlines, I had to transit through Istanbul first before heading to Cairo. The entire flight time including layovers was about 9 hours.

Cairo- view from the Holiday Inn MaadiI am looking forward to seeing more of Cairo – which is the city I’ll be spending most of my time in and if possible, exploring other places within the country.

Have you been to Cairo or any other parts of Egypt? What are some of your recommendations for places to visit and things to do?

I love to hear from you!