Tech & Travel: Our Favorite Travel Apps

Travel and Tech

Tech & Travel: Our Favorite Travel Apps

  On our channel this week, Fola and Mofe and I share some of our favorite travel apps. We would love to hear about yours too! So please, join the conversation on our YouTube channel. Leave us a comment, don’t forget to subscribe and share! PS: I […]

How to spot a Nigerian Abroad

Hey Nigerians! This one is for you! You know how you travel and just see your fellow citizen in any part of the world and you give them that ‘I see you bro’ look? Like you just know they’re Nigerian […]

African Cities

Why are African Cities Underrated?

On our vlog this week, Fola, Mofe and I talk about travelling within Africa and why it’s sometimes overlooked by (Nigerian) people. We think African cities are worth exploring but we’d love to hear your thoughts. Do you travel within […]