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FAQ: Everything You Need To Know About Taking a Nigeria – Ghana Road Trip

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Over the past few months, I have collated questions I’ve been asked about travelling to Accra, Ghana from Lagos, Nigeria. Articles in my Ghana Archives already answer most of these questions but I guess it’s not a bad idea to have them all in one single page. So without further ado, let’s jump right to the FAQs.

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How do I get to Accra from Lagos?

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There are several options available to you. One option is to go with the standard transport services. Most of the buses that ply this route have parks in Ajah, Yaba, Festac, etc. Another is to rent a car and a driver to take you down. You can find cars driving to Accra at Mile 2. I asked Toun about costs and she said that drivers usually charge N10,000 per head. So you would have to buy out the seats to have the car to yourself.

The last option is to rough it up and travel with regular public transport. I have a detailed breakdown on how to that in this article.

Which bus service should I travel with?

This is entirely up to you. I’m not recommending anyone who isn’t paying me. hehe… Just kidding. I have tried out only ABC and wrote a review about them here. I intend to go with another bus service when I get the chance but at the moment, I can’t really recommend one.

PS: If you have travelled to Ghana using one of the standard buses, please feel free to share about your experience and recommendation.

Can I travel with my own car?

Technically, yes. I reached out to the good people of Twitter for more information on how to do this and got quite a number of responses. I am collating them and currently working on an article that would elaborate on this question.

What documents do I need?

You need a valid International Passport and a Yellow Card to travel from Nigeria to Ghana. On rare occasions, you may be asked for your accommodation details. It’s good to have that handy as well. Lastly, based on my personal experience, an extra ID may be useful. This could include your work or student ID or something that has your company credential on it (like a business card).

Can I travel with an ECOWAS passport?

Yes, you can either travel with an ECOWAS passport or your international passport. This can be gotten from the immigration office closest to you.

Can I travel to Ghana without my International Passport?

You shouldn’t but I have seen people who constantly travel without one. Personally, I don’t think it’s worth the hassle. It’s just better to have the right documents.

Where can I get a Yellow Card? Can I travel without one?

Yellow Fever Cards can be gotten from the Port Health office close to the international airport. At the time of this writing (Mar 22nd, 2018), this costs N1,000. This card is as important as your international passport and like the latter, you can (illegally) travel without it. But is it worth it? No. Sometimes, you end up paying more than what this card costs – this apart from the extortion charges you get.

An updated process of getting a yellow card in Nigeria: August 2018

According to this post by Apeiron Global, the process of getting a yellow card has been updated as follows;

  • Visit
  • Click on the ‘Register’ tab and insert your personal details
  • Print form confirmation
  • Make payment of N2,000 on the same page and print payment confirmation
  • Go to the Port Health office with the printed documents and a copy of your passport biodata page
  • Payment will be confirmed and the vaccine and card will be given.

I will update this article as I get more information about this.

How much does it cost to travel by road to Ghana?

ghana cost to visit

I have written a comprehensive breakdown of what it would cost you to travel from Lagos to Ghana in this article. A few things may differ and since this trip was taken in 2017, there’s bound to be some changes. The article would give you a general idea of what to budget for and what to expect when crossing the different borders.

Should I travel with Naira or USD? 

Travelling with USD is always a good idea. It is universally accepted and you can easily find a BDC to get local currency. Some hotels would also accept payments in USD. Most won’t accept Naira. However, if you choose to travel with Naira, you can change money at the Aflao border. (Border between Togo and Ghana)

Would my cards work in Ghana?

Sadly, this isn’t guaranteed. If you must travel with your cards alone, make sure you have a dollar MasterCard as well. Card policies in Nigeria change like the weather. You could even get caught up in a policy change while abroad.

Where can I change my money?

You can change Naira at any of the borders between Seme and Aflao.

How long is the journey from Lagos to Accra?


Prepare for an entire day’s trip. Most buses make stops Benin Republic and Togo. If you’re lucky, these stops will be short and won’t prolong your trip. My return journey from Accra to Lagos took about 17 hours. I broke down my onward journey, so the trip was bearable. I would recommend that you do the same if you have a bit more time. It’s just less stressful that way.

PS: Aflao border to Accra is another 4 hours – just thought to add this because I was so excited getting into Ghana and I thought Accra would be 30 minutes away. Imagine my disappointment! If you’re travelling on your own, there’s a STC park close to the border gate. You can get a bus into Accra from there.

What should I expect?

Expect to see gazillion checkpoints from Badagry to Seme. Expect the worst from Seme border. You might be lucky (or skilled) to get a stress free pass but prepare mentally, physically and financially for the worst. (Read about my latest border crossing experience here.)

At the time of this writing, road conditions are fairly good. There isn’t much to write home about regarding views. So if you plan to travel by road solely because you want to enjoy the views, you might as well just fly. You won’t be missing anything.

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I hope this article answers all questions you might have regarding a Lagos-Ghana road trip. If you have any more questions for me, please leave them down in the comment section below. You can also search through my Ghana Archives. You’ll probably find answers there as well!


  1. Hi, Amarachi
    Nice article it’s very informative.
    What transport company would you suggest? Would really love of having a comfortable ride.

    • Thanks Sola. Unfortunately, there’s no transport company that I fully recommend, as they tend to fall short in many areas. However, the regular services run by ABC and Cross Country seem to be better than most.

  2. Gebriellakosi

    Please can you use Nigeria number in Ghana

  3. Where can I get the yellow card and how is it going to be stamp

    • Hi Osigwe, I have written the process of getting one and where to do so in the post above. The card gets ‘stamped’ at the various borders

  4. Abel Bornagain

    Hi I’m Abel from Ghana
    I want to know the exact amount of money I may need to travel by car to Nigeria

  5. Just want to know if you have finish your finding about using your own personal car to travel to Ghana and what are the possible challenges one might face along the way.

  6. Hi I’m Ibrahim and I want to travel to Ghana .can I use only my national identity card to do that?..please I need feedback

    • I’ve heard you can. I haven’t done it before, don’t know anyone (personally) who has. It’s best to ask the transport company you intend to travel with.

  7. When I went to Ghana last year tru cross country it was a very wonderful experience although like 16hour’s but it worth it will be going soon

  8. Wow, that was very impact full. I was contemplating traveling without valid travel documents, but with your professional advice? I will spare my self the story for the gods. Thanks.

  9. Hello, Amarachi I’m planning on going to Ghana on this Friday 24th of August 2018, please if I’m to get a bus from Mile 2 straight to Accra with my passport and Extra ID card with me, how much will it cost me. I’m not sleeping in any hotel because I have friends and family that I want to go and meet.
    I want to know the amount it’s likely I can pay the driver without any disturb from anyone. The driver will do all the payment and stamping. Thank you for your help.

    • Hello Tee, if you want to avoid the border drama, best to go with a standard bus service. I’ve written all about my experience and estimated costs in this post and others in the archive. I’m not sure what a personal driver from Mile 2 would cost.

  10. Evelyn Afolayan

    I recently gained admission to study in Ghana. From my research I was told some beverages in Nigeria can’t be found there. My question is if I can buy my provisions from Nigeria to Ghana without being sent back.
    Thank you

    • Hi Evelyn, yes, you should be fine if you’re travelling with what customs deems as a reasonable amount for one person. Basically, if you have sufficient proof that you’re not going to sell these items, then you would be fine. PS: You may or may not encounter them at all..just responding generally…

  11. Good day, my name Kingsley, please I’m planing to travel to Ghana ,which transport company is better to travel with and how much will it cost me to travel to Ghana

  12. Amarachi please I need your advice. I’m saddled to take my students (University) to Ghana in a month time from Ondo state. I need a dose of advise on how to get documents and the trip itself. Can lesse passe replace passport Because many of them do not have passports? Pls I need your help. Thanks

    • The officials at the borders are more lenient when relating with students and Youth Corps members and I have seen many of them having no documents go through without any issues. However, I would advise that you contact the transport company you choose to go with to get confirmation that this wouldn’t be a problem.

  13. Thank you for the information here, they are really helpful. I am just comparing options with my wife and I found almost information. But how safe is Ghana or is there a suburb that is more safe to spend a holiday?

    • I never feel unsafe walking around (even at night in Accra – Osu Area), which is unlike how I feel doing the same thing in Lagos. So, yes, I guess I can say that it is relatively safe. Apply the same level of caution as you do in Nigeria, keep a low profile and you should be fine.

  14. I want to travel to Ghana, is it possible to go without any of the documents

  15. Please is it true that Nigerians and other countries will need a Visa to enter Accra,Ghana as from July 2018?

  16. I wanted to add that I used cross country on my trip to ghana a few years ago. Good service and a small bus ,so you don’t spend hours during checks .

    • Thanks for adding that. I attempted to use Cross Country on a recent trip to Benin Republic. It was a disaster. The bus scheduled for 5:30am didn’t show up until 10am. (After waiting for hours, we asked for a refund and left on our own). The managers and staff of the service kept lying about the location of the bus and everything else. They had a small bus ready but had oversold seats and went ahead to dig up an old rickety long bus for the trip. I doubt I’ll be patronizing them ever again.

  17. I’m a Nigerian, what am I going to do with my national id card on my way to Ghana

    • I don’t think I understand your question. But if you’re asking whether or not you can travel with National ID card, I think you probably can but I don’t have any experience with this.

  18. Nice write up and very comprehensive. Please, someone that is planning to either travel to Canada or maybe U.S is it good to have your passport stamp by land border stamp? OR what advantage does it have on your passport?

    • I don’t think it has any effect on your passport, whether advantage or disadvantage. If you want to travel to either of those countries (i.e US, Canada), having a good travel history will help, preferably to countries where you fly into and get a visa and stamp on your passport.

  19. 17 hours?! Definitely breaking down my trip in Benin or Togo when I visit. Thanks for sharing. This was everything I needed to know

    • That’s the way to go really. The trip straight to Ghana is decent if you’re mentally prepared and if the bus you take doesn’t show up late or breakdown. But if you’re not, it can be really tough.

  20. Hi am divine am planning on traveling to Ghana very soon and will a 100 thousands naira be enough for the travel like going and coming back to Nigeria and I will be spending three days in Ghana. Will that 100 thousands naira be enough for both bus fare and hotel and feeding going and coming here’s my Gmail *edited out*. Please reply me thanks

    • Hi Divine, thanks for your comment. Whether that would be enough is dependent on your travel style, what kind of transport and hotel options you choose. Is 3 days inclusive of your travel days by road? (If yes, I really wouldn’t advise that you go for it). Benin Republic would be a better option and N100K will be more than enough for that trip.

      I have a cost breakdown linked in the post for Ghana, you can use that to project how much you’d spend. Just take out days and items that don’t necessarily fit and you’d be able to come up with an estimated budget.


    please could you help with the details of all the vehicle documents i need in order to travel with my family to Accra in our private car, and where to get such documents including the rates or prices, such that there wouldn’t be any issues anywhere on the road? i am looking forward to this as i would need my daughters to have the experience as it would be the first time they would be visiting Nigeria and also Ghana, from Canada.
    thanks as i look forward to hearing from you.

    • Hi Timi, as of now, I am working on an article focused on this but still don’t have complete information. I’ll post when I do, hopefully, it’ll still be of help to you.

  22. Please what model of camera do you use?

  23. Very informative and well-written post, Amarachi. I think this road trip is very underrated though I had a very different experience than you. When I too traveled from Nigeria to Ghana (and vice versa) by road (it was with family in our car, and waaayy before I used Instagram). The trip was definitely long, tiring, and rather frustrating at times but I’m glad we did it: I got a chance to see parts of Nigeria, Ghana, Benin and Togo I did not know (or care about to be honest lol) ||

    • Thanks LK. I think it’s a trip to take at least once. Stops in Togo and Benin make the trip more bearable.

  24. I really would like to do this. Thanks for the post. Did you get to see any of Benin and Togo.

  25. Ever only been to Ghana by air.

    Always thought going by road might be cool but I’m not sure about that 17 hours road trip and Seme Border drama.

    • Lol, very long journey, I know! You can escape Seme Border drama by going with standard transport buses.

  26. Thanks for sharing. But man, 17 hours? I told my mom o. Lemme send to her.

    • Yeah, that’s quite long and I think it’s best to break it down in the countries between. But if you’re used to bus rides, it’ll pass quickly. Having activities to do will also make the trip more bearable.

  27. Well detailed and beautifully written👏🏽👏🏽

  28. Love the breakdown, very helpful. But mannnnnn, I don’t know about a road trip to Ghana o, seems too far, maybe some of the other places you’ve written about.

    • Lol, it’s quite far for a single day trip and being stuck in a bus. I imagine a train ride with lots more movement would be far better.

  29. This is a very comprehensive and detailed breakdown. Well done. Perhaps the next time I visit Ghana, I will brave a road trip to Nigeria.


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