Last updated on May 13th, 2020

Few days after Uncle Nnekedi died, I woke up to the glare of a cockroach perched on the wall. I thought I recognized its pair of twinkling eyes and this made me think of a belief of ours that every man will be reincarnated. What he came into the world as was a function of who heโ€™d been in his past life. A good man would reawaken into a better life and a bad man, to an animal of some sort

I looked at the cockroach again, then I pulled off my sandals and crushed it against the wall.


  1. Poor man. Didn’t get a second chance, did he?
    I wonder: if he lived as a good cockroach, what then?

    Nice piece.

  2. Hehehe. I guess he probably wasnt too fond of Uncle Nnekedi.

  3. lmao this was so funny. i really liked this. hope i can learn to create something like this too.

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