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Dubai remains one of the favourite destinations for Nigerian travellers. With fairly easy visa processes and relatively close proximity to Nigeria’s largest cities, it’s no wonder why this is so. Over time, I have received questions from travellers looking to visit the United Arab Emirates city, so I have decided to compile these questions within a single post.

So, if you are looking to visit Dubai for the first time, here’s everything you need to know.

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How can I travel from Lagos to Dubai?

From Lagos to DubaiCurrently, Emirates operates two daily direct flights from Lagos to Dubai. This is typically the fastest route to the city. Other airlines like Etihad, Kenya Airways and Ethiopian Airline also operate flights to the Dubai, with technical stops at their various hubs.

What is the cheapest time to fly to Dubai?

The summer months (July and August) and the month of Ramadan are usually the cheapest to visit. However, you may want to keep the weather condition in mind. During those months, temperatures may rise up to 40ยฐC, and the city can get terribly hot and humid.

The months from November to February are especially pleasant weather-wise but it may be slightly more expensive to visit then. A good sweet spot will be to visit in November (before the Christmas rush) and in late February after the Dubai shopping festival.

How many hours does it take from Lagos, Nigeria to Dubai, UAE?

If you fly directly, the time will shorter. An Emirates flight from Lagos to Dubai will take around 7 hours. Etihad flies directly to Abu Dhabi for about the same time and offers a coach service to Dubai. That’s an option to look at if you’re comparing flight time and expenses. Other airlines will take more time as they have to make a stop at their hubs.

Lagos to Dubai_Burj Al Arab

What documents are required for a Dubai (UAE) visa?

You can get the UAE visa in one of two ways. First, you can apply directly through VFS or use the services of a trusted travel consultant or sponsor in Dubai to get an e-visa. I have only ever applied for an e-visa and most people I know have done the same. This is the easiest way to get the visa.

Depending on the sponsor, you would need, at a minimum, a copy of your passport biodata page and a passport photograph. Some agencies may request for additional documentation such as proof of sufficient funds, return tickets and so on.

Be aware of fraudulent people who pose to be agents and use only those who are trusted and tried. I can recommend Naijanomds, Globe Jaunters, and Diamond and Pearls Travels for your visa needs. Mention this post and you just might get a discount ๐Ÿ™‚

How much does it cost to get a Dubai (UAE) visa in Nigeria?

The costs of a (tourist) e-visa may start from around โ‚ฆ40,000 – โ‚ฆ50,000 and upwards. It is best to contact your sponsor for a more accurate quote. The price may also change based on the type of visa and the duration for which you are applying.

How many days I can stay in the UAE on a tourist visa?

The duration of your visa will determine the number of days you can stay in the country. You could incur a penalty if you overstay and you could also be refused further entry into the UAE.

What are some exciting things to do in Dubai?

abu dhabi safari

You can check out this post for a 4-day Dubai and Abu Dhabi itinerary and this one to see some of my recommendations.

A few more notes to make your stay comfortable; (special thanks to Karen, for sharing these tips)

Get a Nol card

Plan to use public transport? Get a Nol card. This card goes for 25AED and can be used on the Metro, Bus, Tram etc. You can get it from any Metro station. If youโ€™ve used the card once, itโ€™s advisable to check your card balance before your next trip to be certain it contains sufficient funds.

Buy a SIM card

Unless you want to be charged a bazillion Naira for roaming, I suggest you get an international SIM card. I got an Etisalat sim preloaded with talk time and data for 100AED.

Install Google Maps

If you donโ€™t have Google Maps installed on your phone, stop reading this post and go and install it now! Iโ€™m just kidding, finish reading the post, comment, share and then install Google Maps. After switching to the Etisalat sim, Google Maps became my best friend. It showed me the best route, what bus/train to take, it basically removed the โ€œI am a tourist, I donโ€™t know my wayโ€ sign from my forehead.

Carry a sweater (for the cold season)

Dubai is cold this period (February), so itโ€™s advisable to pack a sweater. I assumed Dubai was hot so I left my sweater at home and boy was I welcomed with a cold surprise upon arrival.

If there are other tips I missed, let me know in the comment below. I hope this helps you plan your trip better, enjoy your vacation!

Lagos to Dubai

Image credit: Fredrik ร–hlander, Divjot Ratra, and Darcey Beau on Unsplash.
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