Last updated on May 15th, 2020

Are you a maestro or budding maestro when it comes to Nigerian tourism? Take the quiz and find out how well you know your Nigerian attractions and tourist sites… (Don’t be scared, the questions are very easy and 90% of the places mentioned have been featured on this blog).

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Share your scores (on the first try) in the comment section and let me know which of these attractions you’ve visited or would like to visit.

How Well Do You Know Your Nigerian Attractions?

Take the quiz to find out!


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    Yay..I deserve all the Accolades. I scored 5/5 in the quiz.I look forward to visiting the Dada pottery in Kwara state.

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      Well done name sake! 🙂 Dada pottery was lovely to visit.. you’ll have a good time there. Esie Museum is also close by. You can visit both on a single trip.

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    I got 4/5 in the Quiz; quite close to getting all the Accolades I deserve. I look forward to visiting Erin Ijesha soon!

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    I scored 3/5… Almost there…

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    Hmmm…3/5. I doubt there’s Elephant in my state sha (Edo state)

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      It’s hard to believe that anywhere in Nigeria does, to be honest but Edo’s state Okomu National Park still has forest elephants in the wild.

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    I got 5 out of 5. Gimme all my accolades abeg. LOL.

    I think you should do more quizzes, quite enjoyed doing this.

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      If you didn’t get all answers right, there’s no hope for anyone else! You’ve paid your dues… in full! Worldwide!

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    I got 4/5….Amazing, so proud of myself right now

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    I scored 2/5, ashamed of myself right now. I’ve been to only Erin Ijesha.
    You should do more quiz like this, it was fun doing this.

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    Covers head in shame. Results shall not be disclosed!

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    0/5 so sad….. I don’t even Know any where. Lol

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      Haha, well, now you do 🙂 Thanks for taking the quiz and being brave enough to write down your initial scores, haha – unlike some people we know!

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