Last updated on May 13th, 2020

Oh, the struggles of travelling with a Nigerian passport! Trust me, we know all about it. Our passport is ranked 177 in the Individual Passport Power Rank, 2017, according to Passport Index. This is 3 spots down from last year where we ranked 174th.

And like I always say, that isn’t a good number to be ranked in anything! – except if it is a ‘most likely to get diarrhoea ‘ poll conducted for 177 participants.

On our channel this week, I join Fola and Mofe to share tips and tricks to help you travel better with a Nigerian passport. We also share some of the easiest and most difficult visas we’ve gotten with it.

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  1. The E-visa is great, but it has not worked for me in a few instances (all this year) with the exception of Zimbabwe

    1. Qatar – e-visa I tried to go for 36 hours on my way to Philippines. I even called to confirm about the transit visa thing before I bought the ticket. Ended up applying and visa app was rejected. This one hurt the most as I had to pay to change my flight on short notice
    2. Zambia recently denied me….not sure why. Going to write a letter to them on this one. Wasn’t too bothered about this since I got zimbabwe and I still went to Zambia on a cruise lol
    3. Tried to branch in Sri-Lanka on my way to India for work. Well…. the website will allow you to pay and everything but, Nigerians are not eligible (one of very few countries). I called their immigration office in Sri Lanka to confirm lol.

    So…. 1/4 successful e-visa application for me so I am not totally sold on it as I feel it gives false hope.

    • Oh man, this sucks! To be honest, visa free, e-visas and VOA seem to good to be true from the perspective of a Nigerian Traveller (like me) – which is just sad. And I just wonder why Qatar and Zambia would reject/deny a visa application especially from a frequent traveller. Is it a Nigerian passport thing or were there other reasons? I was really excited – especially for the Qatar bit but now, not as much, lol. And way to go on the Zim-Zam cruise! Haha!

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