A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about places I was looking forward to visiting this year. Turkey made its way to that list, thanks to Naija Nomads, a travel company in Nigeria. Do you know how I sometimes talk about writing down your vision (goals)? Believing (and working towards) them so much that the Universe conspires to make it happen? Well, today, I found myself in Turkey!

KapadokyaSort of :)…

I didn’t visit Turkey physically – yet :), but I made my way to TRTWorld, an international news channel based in Istanbul, Turkey. They reached out to me (and a few other Nigerians) to share our perspective about this country we call home.

Because Nigeria often gets a lot of bad press in the media, I was quite worried about how this interview would turn out. However, when I received the link, I was delighted to see the video highlighted several positive aspects of Nigeria. It showed some of the bad news as well but that was not the focus of the piece.

In the video, one of the interviewees said this;

“If the media is portraying something, it is because it is true, however, the media is focussing more on the bad things’

And I totally agree with her. I’d be the last person to say that Nigeria is a perfect Utopia. But I’d be the first to tell you all the positive things about her. This is one of the reasons why I started this blog- to show the lesser-known beauty that Nigeria has to offer.

I hope you enjoy watching the piece and my interview… (Also, I apologize in advance for the bad image quality of my video. ๐Ÿ™ I shot it on short notice with very bad lighting…)

The Interview…

One of the questions they asked me was this – What does Nigeria mean to youHere’s what I had to say…

And I would like to ask you the same question…

What does Nigeria mean to you?

PS: If you are looking to visit or explore Nigeria more, I have many resources on this blog to help. Please check the Nigeria Category Tag to begin.

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    Nigeria is where the home is. It is a beautiful country, populated with beautiful people rich in cultural diversity. It is also rich in agricultural produce. It is home to citizens and foreigners. Our only problem is corrupt government and governance, and this has penetrated into the various sectors. However, I believe Nigeria will only be great again once the corruption is eliminated.

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    Awwww so proud of you, well done, well said! We’re global!! Please take me on your Turkey trip!
    Nigeria is home, Nigeria is where my story began, Nigeria is a bit of a headache and heartache and I wish we didn’t have to talk about how resilient we are.

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