What will my donation be used for?

Thank you for considering a donation to Travel with a Pen.

During a trip to Oowu Waterfalls with Unravelling Nigeria in late 2017, we couldn’t help but notice the poor state of the attractions we visited as well as the standard of living of the communities nearby. I have had the same experience in nearly every Nigerian attraction I have been to and now, with your help, I want to make a difference.

When I started Travel with a Pen, I wanted an avenue to share my passion for travel and also inspire people (Nigerians) to travel more – locally and internationally. Now, having been inspired by other travellers and philanthropists, I would like to do more by making more impactful travels and contributing to the communities that I visit.

Your donations would go a long way in making this a reality. You can also donate by purchasing items in the Travel with a Pen store. Part of the proceeds from the store will go into the causes that we support and will help to keep the blog running.

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