Last updated on May 13th, 2020

Today, I got an email from the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) with this headline –


You can’t imagine how much joy this gives me. This is honestly one of the best news I’ve heard this year! OK, here’s a quick recap, so I don’t just ramble on and on. Last year, I read that the Cross River State government had a plan to construct a “superhighway” through the middle of the state in an effort to boost trade. (I wrote about it here.)

On the surface, this seemed marvelous. There was just one huge problem. They were going to destroy a large part of one of the last remaining rain forests in Nigeria. Hence, the WCS asked us to sign a petition to appeal to the government to stop this.

That petition gained over 135,000 signatures and with a lot more work and pressure from many sides, the Nigerian government announced a new route for the superhighway in April this year! We all should be excited about this as it is a big win for everyone! And just about time too.

There’s a new petition on the WCS website to thank the Nigerian government. Head on there to sign it, lest they change their minds (hehe). Here’s the link.


  1. Whoop whoop. I’m glad my signing counted. Sometimes you get weary of letting your voice be heard.

  2. Done. Well done to all that signed the petition.

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