Last updated on June 4th, 2020

A most thoughtful gift brought us to Jara Beach Resort. I have been to a few beach resorts in Lagos Nigeria but nothing quite compares to our experience here. Once I received the email that our reservation was confirmed, I headed over to their website to read more about the place Mark and I would be spending a few days unwinding at.

Jara Beach Resort in Lagos

The first thing I found out and was happy about was the fact that resort, located in Museyo, Eleko, was accessible by road. I also loved that it was right on the beach, with all its rooms facing the ocean. And then, there was the fact that the resort was all-inclusive.

How inclusive was all-inclusive, you ask? Well, Jara provided us with breakfast, lunch, a three-course dinner, afternoon desserts, snacks and unlimited amounts of drinks. When we arrived, a member of the staff welcomed us with drinks and that did not stop coming until we left. I was in Mojito heaven!

Jara beach all inclusiveJara beach Resort Lobby

We arrived at the resort a little after 5 pm on a Saturday evening to a warm reception. Check-in was a breeze and seeing our room thoughtfully decorated and a message for us on the board at the lounge area endeared this place to my heart. Obviously, first impressions were excellent!

But because ‘Jara’ literally translates to ‘a little extra’, they did not stop there. The resort treated us to bottles of champagne and chocolates – two nights in a row and the owners even threw in an extra night stay for free!

Beach Resort Lagos

After settling in, we had some time to check out the rest of the resort. Mark and I battled for table tennis supremacy in the games area, relaxed by the pool and took a walk on the beach to watch the sunset.

Jara keeps the stretch of beach the resort is on very clean. The other areas (not belonging to them and not captured in this post,) were covered with debris.

Beach Resorts in Lagos

Then it was time for our first meal. On their website, Jara mentioned that they had an award-winning chef carefully create the items on the menu. Naturally, I was expecting good food. What we got instead, was amazing food!

I could talk about the seared fish appetizer for days! That was divine. Or maybe I should talk about the couscous salad or the pesto pasta? I wouldn’t even know where to begin. And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the Goat Leg Banga. That meal went to Harvard and graduated with distinctions!

In the 3 days we spent at Jara Beach Resort, we tried everything on the menu. Every single item was delightful! In short, our entire stay was.

Between meals, jumping in and out of the pool and strolls in the beach, it felt like time was moving too quickly and slowing down at the same time. We relished every second until it was time to say goodbye…

Jara Beach Resort

I certainly recommend a visit to Jara if you can afford it. At ₦125,000 for a midweek night, the price, for the budget traveller, is quite steep. However, the resort offers a day pass at ₦27,750 for adults. So, you can combine that with an external accommodation option around the area.

Overall, we had a fantastic stay at Jara Beach Resort and I hope we get to visit again…


Jara Beach Resort Location | Museyo, Eleko, Lagos

How to get there | It’s a pretty straight route along the Lekki Epe Expressway, before you veer off the main road. Google Maps is great for directions

Jara Beach Resort Prices: Cost for Day Trippers | ₦27,750 per adult, ₦12,600 for kids, ₦15,750 for Nannies

Cost for Overnight Stays | ₦125,000 for 2 adults (midweek), ₦150,000 (Friday & Saturday). More options on the resort’s website.

Good to Know | Prices are all-inclusive of meals, snacks and drinks. Use the code ‘MarkandAmarachi’ to get an extra treat!*

*Subject to owners’ discretion
Photos by Mark H and Amarachi
Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by Jara Beach Resort. All views expressed are mine and based on my personal experience.


  1. Wow. In Lagos? I love it!!!!!!

  2. Jara Beach resort definitely lives up to its name. What a beautiful place.


  3. Hmm too expensive ($415) for the bulk of travelling holiday makers. I paid between $120 and $180 for all inclusive beach resorts for two at Saly Senegal, Serrekunda Gambia, Mombasa Kenya & Zanzibar Tanzania. I hope they get enough customers to sustain their business.

    • I agree with you. It’s the same argument for travel Africa. Perhaps if more people visit or inquire about visiting, they might introduce more budget friendly (overnight) options.

  4. Your pictures are always so good!!

  5. It looks really beautiful and peaceful. Definitely a bit pricey and above my budget but a girl can bookmark and dream. Glad you and Mark had a lovely time. A clean beach, great food and unlimited drinks, sign me up!

  6. I thought I was in Jara beach until I was done with the write up. I shall be there soon.

  7. Seriously, I never thought that I would be wanting to visit this place so badly. While reading your article, I thought that I am enjoying all that Mojito and the award winning chefs delicious food. It’s a bit costly, but I really want to visit this place very soon with my girlfriend. Thanks for such a wonderful destination 🙂

  8. My experience did not end so well

    I looked forward to my trip with a friend, it was his birthday and I decided to pay for our stay in the resort for three nights last week. He contacted the resort, apparently had a work relationship with one of the co-founders and made reservations in his name. I was simply excited to share this experience with him. We arrived at about 5 p.m to our room, sadly it was tiny for amazonians like us, I felt the room had a good sense of decor and styling although the balcony table was broken, toilet sitting not fixed properly, the shower wasn’t working properly, we needed to get assistance each time we wanted to shower because the water was not flowing, the shower room was very tiny with a shabbily cut out piece of fabric used as the shower curtain – each time we took a shower, we needed to get someone to clean up because it was a mess with soapy water (tip:clear out the soft fabric foot mat and toilet tissue because it would get wet), the shower rubber mat cuts into your skin when you step on it, careful with that one, the power supply is regulated – the AC and water heater are operational only during certain hrs and the internet service is epileptic for the streaming service as they do not provide cable or satellite dish tv channels, might be advisable to ensure you have your own internet service where you need uninterrupted and efficient internet service away from home – i used my glo mobile service as a hotspot for all my gadgets and the reception was good. These are all i can remember but even with all listed we were determined to have a great time at the terrace, beach, swimming pool and other cool amenities. We checked out on time and I took a long nap once i got home. Woke up hrs after to a very unpleasant email sent by the resort co founder – Mr Mark Slade, the personalized email was sent directly to me, which i found odd because i was a guest of the guest. It was an insulting accusatory email and I still marvel on why he decided to narrow his accusatory remarks directly to me and not to the person whose name is on this reservation, which happens to be my friend or better address it to both of us if you wanted to get more impact. In his suspect managerial wisdom, he decides to address a disrespectful email directly to me where he was stating I return items I took from the room. I paid N250,000 for 3 nights in the room, why on earth will anyone voluntarily cart away a spiral bound hotel brochure and an inexpensive piece of adire cloth used as a bed runner. And where this may have happened, what ever happened to the courteous undertones of hospitality or communication etiquette where you give the guest some respect and wait for a response, i am in still in shock in the manner in which this simple issue was managed by someone in management who also happens to be a co-founder? Mr Mark Slade is caucasian, my friend is caucasian, I am African, black and a female… And even when I pointed out how offensive his accusatory email was, his retort was authoritatively clear, his exact response was his personalized accusatory email sent directly to me is “perfectly reasonable”. I am extremely disappointed because if he had simply just reached out to my friend at the start, who had this reservation, he would have simply made it clear to him that he packed the piece of adire cloth in error with his laundry and the resort brochure was taken in error alongside the resort’s complimentary note pad – this I repeat was done in error by my friend. Apparently I found out that Mr Mark sent me the accusatory email then later reached out to my friend in a subtle manner on whats app to lay his complaints further about me carting items away (smh) – all this was done with no prior investigation but simply profiling an African or let me rephrase a Nigerian black female, jumping to conclusions, by-passing all the communication and courteous protocols on what to do and how to contact your guest. If this is how he treats his guests or friends of guests, I will not be visiting this resort, neither will i recommend it or offer as a gift to any person any time in the future. He clearly has shown no regard for his actions nor cares for the consequences of his action, why else will he send such a ridiculous email directly to me and follow up with more insulting responses justifying his actions. Sad. Just Sad.

    • Wow, that was a lot to take in. I’m so sorry to read about your experience, especially after your stay. I’m not sure what the owner’s experience running this place has been with guests carting away the resort’s properties but your account does sound like a case of transferred and pent up frustration and unconscious bias.

      Did you end up getting an apology after they realized the items were taken by your friend in error?

  9. I am actually quite impressed with my level of calm in beckoning for an explanation from him – he apparently feels his email to me is justified and i feel so strongly he has gotten away with this in the past.. His email and suspect approach that I clearly stated was insulting is what he called “perfectly reasonable” in his email response to me. I decided to be the bigger person, ignored the insult and attempted to explain the implication of what he did in making accusatory remarks, beating protocol, making conditional statements, justifying his actions in his flawed attempt to apologize, he has not responded to the email. He is so short sighted that he decided to be careless and insensitive in handling such a trivial issue… seriously was all that he did necessary? And everything that has followed afterwards with the other co founder contacting me just reeks of arrogance. NO APOLOGY UTTERED from the follow ups, even when it is obvious they had broken all protocols in their communication.

    There is so much more to this story but I will end this here… thanks for listening. My hope is he is educated, makes a change and never repeats this ever again.

  10. When I read your first comment in response to Ron, I was hoping this ended differently. There are many things to unpack but first, I understand the pain of driving long hours (in Lagos!) only to be met with a bad experience and I’m sorry you had to go through that, especially on your birthday.

    I think you are right to assume that once you are able to pay for a room, that means there’s an availability. I saw on Jara’s website that you could confirm your booking (and availability) by email, whatsapp or the booking availability chart displayed. I guess it is safe to assume that you took a look at the chart, identified free dates and fixed those same dates in their paystack page. The issue here though, is that the paystack page does seem to be a completely different entity from the availability page. Which means, you could make payment for a booking and in the time that you are doing so, someone else could have booked the room via a different means.

    Since you booked 2 weeks ahead, I would assume that you would have been notified if there was a clash like this. But there is a bigger issue if Jara didn’t receive payment at all. Did you get a full refund yet?

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