We Summited Africa’s Second Highest Mountain!

There are many words to describe how I feel writing this article, but the overwhelming feeling is pride. Over four days, Mark and I hiked through the Mount Kenya range and reached the summit of Point Lenana (4985m) – the […]

101 Best Places to Visit in Africa

Travelling to and around the African continent is a dream many travel enthusiasts have. From stunning beaches with perfect year-round weather conditions to incredible landscapes and wildlife, the continent, with its 54 countries, has so much to offer to every […]

Picnics & Champagne in Champagne Ridge

In full disclosure, despite the title of this article, we did not have champagne in Champagne Ridge. We did have some wine – which I will now refer to onwards as ‘champagne’ because I can. It is only proper that […]

An Amazing Road Trip Across Kenya

With the office shut down for the holidays and Amarachi travelling for work, I loaded the car with camping and hiking equipment and set off on a 2,000 km Kenya road trip. I was accompanied for most of the trip […]

2021: The Year in Review

It’s the end of the year 2021 and once again, I am pleased to write the 6th edition of my blog’s year in review. Since 2016, I have written a yearly summary of my adventures on this blog. Each year-end, […]

Namwonyechon Hanok Hotel Stay Travel Blogger Review

A Beautiful Hanok Stay Experience in Namwon

By Amarachi x 2 Comments

One of the experiences I was looking forward to while visiting South Korea was a Hanok Stay. All over the country, you will find pockets of these traditional houses dating back to the 14th century and the Joseon Dynasty. Some […]

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South Korea Trip Cost

7 Asian Countries with the Cheapest Visa Fees for Nigerian Citizens

By Amarachi x 0 Comments

I have previously written about countries Nigerian passport holders can visit visa free, and get an evisa or a visa on arrival in this article. Now, I am going to list seven countries in Asia (with a focus on South […]

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Poop Cafe Seoul Ddong Insadong

Would You Eat in a Poop-Themed Café?

By Amarachi x 4 Comments

Okay, I know the question sounds bizarre on many levels! And I also know that your initial answer, as was mine before I visited Ddong Cafe, might be a resounding no but let’s get through this poop… I mean, post […]

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What to do in Jeonju in 24 hours

24 Hours in Charming Jeonju

By Amarachi x 6 Comments

I decided to begin my adventures in South Korea by travelling from Seoul to Jeonju as soon as I landed at Incheon International Airport. The flight from Doha touched down at about 5 pm local time, and in less than […]

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Gyeongbokgung Palace Black Woman in Hanbok

Solo Tripping in South Korea – The Beginning!

By Amarachi x 8 Comments

Ever wondered what it’s like being a Nigerian in South Korea? Well, after my visit, I think I may be able to provide a little insight into what that’s like. Of course, visiting a country for 10+ days is vastly […]

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Costs for a trip to Rwanda

Travel Costs Breakdown for a Trip to Rwanda

How much should you plan for your leisure trip to Rwanda? In this post, I’ll be writing about the costs […]

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Cost to go to Seychelles breakdown

Travel Cost Breakdown – Nigeria and Kenya to Seychelles

How much does it cost to go to Seychelles? In this post, I’ll be writing about the costs needed to […]

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Castle Forest Lodge

Camping & Hiking at Castle Forest Lodge

We set out from Nairobi at about 7:30 am for a trip to Castle Forest Lodge, where we would spend […]

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