Travel with a Pen exists to show travel enthusiasts (especially Nigerians) how rewarding it can be to travel both locally and internationally. On this blog, I share budget-friendly tips and breakdowns for travel within Nigeria, West Africa, Africa and the rest of the world. I hope that by reading the articles here, you’re inspired to travel more and differently too.

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Morocco Sahara desert nomad


Lead Content Creator

Hi! I’m Amarachi, a systems engineer and lead content creator for Travel with a Pen. While I love travelling, I don't quite enjoy the actual process of it - specifically air travel.

I hope you enjoy reading the articles here as much as I do writing them! Please feel free to leave a comment in the comment section of the posts or contact me directly via email using the contact form here

Morocco Sahara desert nomad


Photographer, Contributor

I took a trip with Mark to Morocco a few years ago. He captured so many amazing photos and videos on that trip, I decided to marry him afterwards!


He contributes his photography and videography to Travel with a Pen.

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