The first time I visited Namibia, I travelled there for work, spending an exciting month aboard the Rowan Renaissance, which was stationed offshore Walvis Bay. Once I got off, I spent a day in Walvis Bay before transferring to Windhoek for my flight home.

A few years later, I would come to learn about the country’s stunning landscapes, incredible wildlife, and rich history, all of which inspired my dream to return to explore the country properly.

Big Daddy Dune Sossuvlei
Deadvlei Namibia

And this year, I got to do just that with Mark! Both of us would agree that this was one for the books – or the blog!

In typical Travel with a Pen fashion, I am starting this series off with some general information about Namibia. Over the next few weeks and months, I will be sharing more details about the places we visited. In the meantime, my Instagram feed and stories are full of an exciting recount of this adventure.

Spitzkoppe Namibia

If you are planning on visiting, here are some tips to help you get started with trip planning.

Getting a Visa to Visit Namibia

Nigerian passport holders need to apply for a visa to enter Namibia. You can apply for this visa in person via the embassy in Abuja or via a trusted consultant who can do so on your behalf.

Windhoek Namibia Christuskirche

I applied in Kenya via the High Commission office in Dar es Salam. In this post, I have written extensively about the process of applying for a visa to Namibia as a Nigerian citizen, the visa requirements, processing times and the associated costs.

Visiting Namibia: Stops and Itinerary

We planned to spend 10 days in the country, visiting Windhoek, Sossuvlei, Walvis Bay, Sandwich Harbour, Swakopmund and Spitzkoppe.

It was an incredible 10-day adventure that was very well-paced. Namibia is a large country and many of the attractions and cities are far spaced. We had to rent a car to get around and this car also doubled up as our accommodation for a few nights.

Booking Accommodation and Activities

We spent 4 nights in two separate camps, sleeping in the tent above the car and the rest of our time in accommodations within Windhoek, Walvis Bay and Swakopmund.

We booked our stays via and directly with the lodges, including a unique stay at Voigtland Guesthouse in Windhoek, where we got to enjoy high tea and breakfast with giraffes.

Breakfast with Giraffes Visit Namibia

For our activities, we booked them while we were in the country. During high season, I would recommend booking these out in advance, as well as your preferred accommodations and rental car.

Best Time to Visit Namibia | Visiting Namibia in May-June

Finally, if you’re considering visiting Namibia, the best time to do so is during Winter, which falls between May and October. June marks the beginning of the peak tourist season as weather conditions are excellent for outdoor activities and wildlife viewing during this period.

We visited at the end of May into June, which was excellent because we got the best of both worlds – great weather and low-season discounts.

Namibia – The Sum Up

I am so happy we were able to visit Namibia. The stunning red dunes of Sossusvlei, the vast and otherworldly landscapes of Sandwich Harbour, the beautiful and calm city life in Windhoek, Walvis Bay, and Swakopmund, as well as the adrenaline-kicking hike in Spitzkoppe are just a few of the things we loved about Namibia.

If I get the chance to go back, I will certainly take it! πŸ™‚

Do you have any questions about visiting Namibia? Ask away in the comment section below. If you have visited the country, I would love to hear about your experience!

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