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Inside and Out – Meeting Nigerian Parents, Dating In Africa And Top 3 places in Lagos during holidays

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Over the last Christmas and New Year holidays, Mark got to meet my family. We talk about this, dating in Africa and more on the latest episode of our podcast – Inside and Out.

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  1. Olufisayo Adeleke

    Awwww…it’s interesting to hear about dating in Africa from an American…those Malians are the real MVPs though… I personally don’t take guys home…cos I know my mother will interpret it as ‘Fisayo is marrying this person like tomorrow ‘😂 I kid, but you get the picture…I had tried this before and when I ended things with the guy…it was like he had to break up with my whole family…too much drama biko.

  2. Seun Carter

    “You are all 3” Awwwwww! Haha so this is an interesting topic. About the not putting all eggs in a basket, apparently elders in families advise it now. A friend’s uncle was just telling her how she should date atleast 2 guys and when it’s time for marriage she picks one. I think it’s a ridiculous ideology tho but to each is own… and about the not visiting till the knocking ceremony lol maybe in the olden days but not anymore. For my family atleast, my dad always wants to know, like truly know, who his kids are serious with before marriage.

    • Lol.. About not putting all your eggs in a basket, yes, I’ve also heard many (older) people advice and justify that and I have seen scenarios where it both worked out perfectly and where it failed woefully. You’re right, to each, his own. And yes, getting to know each other’s family (more than just a single visit) is probably more of the norm now.

  3. Seun Carter

    When Mark asked if you had ever brought a guy home before him😫😍💕

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