On this week’s episode, Mark and I talk some more about living in Lagos, taking photos with vegetables in Shoprite, religion vs spirituality and our top three countries to visit in West Africa. Mark details more about his top3 West African destinations in this post.

Personally, I felt very attacked in this episode. You see, I am on that Shoprite vegetable-picture-taking table! x_x BUT I only take pictures of the produce (not of me)! The world is my canvas, don’t judge!

We also share a bit about our travels in Benin Republic and Morocco. Mark made a video for both destinations and as promised in the podcast, here’s the link to both videos;

As usual, we welcome you to join our conversations. Let us know what you think in the comment section below. What are your top 3 West African destinations and why do you love them?

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  1. Ermmm! And the phone thing! More like an Addition 🙈🙈🙈 Will get better!

  2. Amarachiiiiii! I love the podcast! I guess I’ll get used Mark’s accent as I continue to listen to your podcasts!

    I could barely understand some part 😂

    I love your first couch surfing video!

    I couldn’t get into Bab’s Dock as I went on a weekday, so delighted to see the footage!

    You should hear me hyping you as you kayaked through the Mangrove!

    Off to listen to the next podcast!

    Cheers to More memories Guys!

    You Rock!

  3. Exactly….my phone is usually a defense mechanism…cos i’m shy and all

    Nice conversations.

  4. So cute!!!!!
    Mark, I’m really sorry about the ‘oyinbo’ thing, but I promise it’s not derogatory (even though watching your video now I see how it can be).

    My top 3 places would be Kumasi, Ghana(there’s this beautiful lake I’ve never forgotten); Calabar, Nigeria(I’m Nigerian lol); and somewhere in Ivory Coast( I hope to go someday loool).
    Those places are just less crowded than the popular cities, even know I’ll have to confirm that about Ivory Coast when I visit…..

    Oh by the way…..please keep the podcasts coming…we love them!!!!

    • Thanks Joy! We’ll try to visit Kumasi when next we go to Ghana. I have been to Calabar and so has Mark. I think we can agree that it is worth visiting (and yes, less crowded than cities like Lagos).