Last updated on March 15th, 2021; Published on March 1st, 2021

Every month since December, Mark and I have embarked on at least one hike of some sort in Kenya. In December 2020, we did a 2-hour hike on the Ololosokuan Nature Trail – the subject of this post. This year has also been filled with hiking adventures for us. January’s hike was the epic Mount Longonot while February’s was Sleeping Warrior and Ugali Hills which I will write about soon.

I remember being extremely proud of myself for completing the Ololosokuan Nature Trail with ease. In fact, at this point, I was ready to sign up for a Mount Kenya trip with Winnie of Little did I know that this trail was child’s play, compared to other hiking trails Kenya has to offer.

Getting to the Ololosokuan Nature Trail

Getting to the nature trail was quite easy and it was a straightforward drive using Google Maps. We plugged in the location for Savannah Sunset Resort, which is where this nature trail is located and arrived after about an hour.

Upon arrival, we met up with our guide, Emmanuel, who briefed us about the area and the hike. We were to expect a fairly easy 2-3hr walk with some bouldering along the way. Bouldering sounded daunting at first but I found that it was quite easy for me to climb up the rocks with some guidance from Emmanuel.

Nevertheless, I’m not sure many people would consider bouldering ‘easy’ if they had to hurl a puppy on their shoulder as they navigated the rocks. Mark had to do that and together with Emmanuel, he helped Blue get through the more complicated parts of the trail.

Ololosokuan Nature Trail

Blue turned out to be a great hiking pup as well but he did have some big baby moments…

Overall, I enjoyed hiking the Ololosokuan Nature trail. I thought it was great exercise and a good morning trip away from Nairobi. During the hike, we spotted some giraffes in the distance and hyraxes in between the rocks – animal sightings are always exciting for me. The trail also turned out to be a great outing for the bird watchers in our group.

Two hours later, we completed the circuit and returned to the entrance of the Savanah Sunset Resort, where we began the hike. Afterwards, we headed to Tinroof Cafe in Karen to replenish the calories lost. ๐Ÿ™‚

Ololosokuan Nature Trail Charges…

Our group paid a total of KES 3,000 to Emmanuel. This included the entrance fees as well as the guide fee plus tips. I’m not entirely sure what the individual costs come down to but this could give you an idea of the amount to budget for this trip. If you’d like to book a trip to this trail, Emmanuel’s contact number is linked in this post.

Ololosokuan Nature Trail

Do you love hiking? What are some of your favourite hiking trails and your most difficult hike yet?

Having now completed two moderately difficult hikes in Kenya (excluding the Ololosokuan Nature Trail), I’m feeling more confident in my ability to summit Mount Kenya. Do you think this is overly ambitious or shall I go for it? I will be doing more practice hikes of course.

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