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This month (August 2017), I got to explore Abuja with Travelstart Nigeria! I visited the city (for the third time) with my travel buddies, Fola of Folaswaka, Lola of Unravelling Nigeria and Mofe of Naija Nomads. It was our first girl’s trip of its kind and it was all shades of fun!

Shades of fun! Get it? Lol – I’m so hilarious! PS: Our shades were from Dapmod eyewear

Even though this was my third visit to Abuja, it was the first time I got to explore the city. But before I go into the details of what we got up to, I will talk a bit on our flight booking process.

Like I mentioned in this article where I talked about apps I use for my trips, I book my flights online whenever I travel and I love using the Travelstart website, not only because of the simplicity and ease of booking tickets but also because the tickets I find there are usually cheaper than what I see elsewhere, such as their cheap flights to Abuja.

For this trip, we booked our return flights to Abuja through the website and I’m going to show you how to book your own tickets in 5 easy steps.

Booking tickets on Travelstart

Step 1: Visit Select your departure and arrival city, your departure and arrival dates, number of travellers and click on ‘Search’

Step 2: Select the flights that best suits you and click on ‘Continue’


Step 3: Fill in the details of passengers travelling then click on ‘Continue’…

Step 4: You have the option to customise your trip to include some of the products/services offered by Travelstart

Step 5: Select payment method and fill in all the required information

If you have a voucher code, enter it in the text box provided and click on ‘Apply code’. You can only see the voucher block after your payment information has been entered. If you have entered a valid code, you should see a message saying ‘Voucher applied successfully‘.

PS: You can also check out this article on the Travelstart blog to learn more about booking with a voucher code.

And that’s it! You’re all set to fly! You get an email as soon as your booking is complete and your tickets come shortly after.

A seamless flight booking is the first step to creating truly enjoyable adventures. Because we booked our tickets quickly and easily on Travelstart, we spent less time worrying about our flight details and more time exploring Abuja. I’ll be writing about our activities within the city in the next post.

Do you ever book your flight tickets online when you travel? If yes, what are some of the things you enjoy and if no, why not?


  1. Good post with the step by step breakdown. Travelstart are decent with tickets and prices however their customer service is just irritating especially when you want to change your ticket.

    Very good service if you know your travel date but really bad when you want to make changes or get a refund. Hopefully they improve someday

    • Thanks for your comment Wakagirl. Curious to know if this eventually got resolved (I mean the issues around changing your ticket – I assume this was your experience?)

  2. Nice post Amarachi. All the fun in ABJ.. Love the girl’s pose and that the two ‘Balogun’ at the sides. I think I like the travel start voucher part. Hope I would be getting one😉 too .

    • There’s a giveaway coming up soon! Stay glued to our pages on Instagram and you just might get yourself a voucher too!

  3. Thanks a lot for sharing this; I would try booking with them for my next trip. Plus I can’t wait to read all about your fun😊

    • Whoop! Would love to hear about your experience when you do. My next posts will be about our trip.. Can’t wait for you to read it too, hehe

  4. Trip that you didn’t carry me along, I thought I was your travel buddy 😢😢. It’s all good though, can’t wait to read about your trip and not get jealous.

  5. Awesome write up, I will definitely be making use of the servives provided by TravelStart in the future

  6. “I’m so hilarious! ” Lol

    Never used TravelStart before. I played around with it and I like the interface.

    • See, you’re laughing…. means it’s true! Lol. The interface is also one of my favorite things. Easy to interact with and clutter free.

  7. Oh wow, real awesome post. Will definitely make use of Travelstart, was already trying to decide to make use of their service, guess I am sold.

    • Glad to hear that Fiyin. Happy travels! Can’t wait to hear all about your flight booking experience as well as your trip!

  8. Nice write up Amarachi. I haven’t used Travelstart before but a friend of mine used Travelstart to Dubai without issues. He had equally used them to book an Air France flight to USA for his colleague about 2 weeks ago and he travelled without issues and I think they are reasonable in terms of cost.

  9. I just checked out Travelstart and what I find interesting about them is some of the products and services offered.
    Prior to this, I had no idea about getting refunds if you’re hospitalized before departure as long as you paid for that option. Thanks for sharing and I know they’re going to be cheaper because of your previous post about traveling on a budget.
    P:S I want a voucher 😊

    • Lol, you know me – always looking for a good bargain! I found the services interesting as well. Sometimes, all you need is an extra cover to have a stress-free trip.. Thanks for your comment, Denye.

      PS: where are we off to next?

  10. Will give Travelstart a try and recommend.
    Nice article.

  11. This is so detailed, welldone!

    I’m a road tripper but I know now what to do when it’s time to fly😊…would definitely try them soon.

    And no, you are not hilarious 😒😂

    By the way, continue touring without me oh…I’m still counting it for you.

    • Thank you Kay. You know I am hilarious – you know! Let’s plan a trip together sometime. I don’t mind road trips too

  12. Keep it going girl. A good way to explore the hidden beauty of Nigeria. I should give it a go.

    • Thanks Chima. You should definitely check them out. PS: you can also use the website to book international flights as well…

  13. Nice on Amarachi! It’s a good way to tour local destinations. Keep it up.

  14. Good stuff!!

  15. Thanks for sharing and congrats on the opportunity! Can’t wait to read about everything else you got up to (Castle especially!!)

  16. Interesting info! so I can use Travelstart to book international flights as well?

  17. Hi, lovely guide. I do have a question. Is booking with these agencies cheaper than booking direct with the airline?
    Was on a trip recently and booking with the airline was 15k cheaper than travel start fare.
    What other advantages do travel agencies have over booking without the airline directly.

    You inspired my recent trip and couchsurfing experience. Would write about it soon.

    • Hey Tamie,
      15K is a lot! Lol, I guess it’s best to compare both prices and go with whichever suits your budget. As for benefits, Travelstart offers additional services like Visa Denied Policy, Cancellation and Refund Policy, Ticket Guarantee Protection, etc.. and I also like that I can compare (or even mix and match) several airlines in one place.

      I can’t wait to read about your trip! Following your blog so I don’t miss it 🙂

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