An ever changing list of things I’d love to do! Do we have any in common? Let me know in the comment section below ๐Ÿ™‚

The Living List
Become a Published Author
Visit Obudu Cattle RanchJune 2017
Learn To Speak French Fluently
Be a Movie Extra
Solve a Rubik’s Cube
Watch the Wildebeest Migration in Masai Mara/Serengeti – We got close enough to doing this but we missed it ๐Ÿ™
See the Opera House, Sydney
Visit all 36 Nigerian States – 23 down, 13 to go!
See the Northern Lights
Visit Petra, Jordan
Explore China
Climb Kilimanjaro
Attend the Calabar Carnival
Visit the Taj MahalJanuary 2016
Run a Marathon – Color me Rad 5K marathon. Good thing I didn’t specify the length!
Spend New Year’s Eve in Times Square
Go Scuba Diving
Get My Masterโ€™s Degree
Explore EuropeJune 2015
Visit Russia
Go on a Southern African Tour (3+ countries at a time)
Take a Bike Tour
Grow Out My Hair
See a Live Football Match in a Stadium
Befriend a Famous Person
Visit the Sagrada FamiliaJune 2015
See Cairo
Get Featured on CNNโ€™s African Voices
Tour South America
Take the Transmongolian Train Journey
Camp in the Sahara desert
Eat sushi in Tokyo



  1. I already have a soft spot for you…..the way I love to explore ehn, though I have not made the time to do most of these things but I know soon. Here are some of the things I would love to do
    See the Opera House, Sydney
    Climb Kilimanjaro
    Spend New Yearโ€™s Eve in Times Square
    See a Live Football Match in a Stadium
    Take the Transmongolian Train Journey

    • Hey Moji, I see we have a lot in common :). Hope we get to cross these things out soon!

      • hopefully soon…am working on it. would actually love to plan a trip on a budget for a group of friends. Would love if u could help me out. Look forward to hearing from you. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. All awesome things to do. I’d say.. see the Northern Lights, climb Mt Kilimanjaro and scuba dive.

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