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Spoiler Alert: She did not harness anything except her husband’s excellent photography skills. She just went for a picnic and a hike at Ngong Hills. Unlike William Kamkwamba, the boy who harnessed the wind, there was no significant scientific breakthrough made and she did not save her village from a terrible drought.

Early one Sunday morning, The Girl was awoken by the persistent and annoying whine of The Puppy. The Puppy knew that she loved to sleep in during the weekends but he did not care. Unable to ignore this terribly annoying whining, The Girl grudgingly got out of bed. The Puppy was pleased with this and proceeded to head downstairs to take a nap.

Turning to her husband, The Early Riser, The Girl asked ‘Should we go have a picnic at Ngong Hills today?’

‘Sure’ he responded. ‘Can you look up the weather to see if it would rain?’

‘Looking up the weather is for amateurs’ thought The Girl ‘I will harness the wind and hold the rains until our picnic is over, for I am the Rain Summoner’

Ngong Hills Nairobi

The Girl did not say this aloud because The Early Riser would have said something in the lines of ‘That’s not how harnessing the wind works’. She would have scoffed in response.

Ngong Hills Picnic Site

True to her words and nothing at all to do with nature, The Girl managed to hold the rains from falling until they were done with their lovely picnic. It was a very cold and windy day up on Ngong Hills and using the power of the winds, The Girl summoned The Early Riser’s photography skills and they came forth quite beautifully. She also managed to convince The Puppy to pose for a picture. He was not pleased.

Ngong Hills for Dogs
Ngong Hills

After their picnic, The Girl, The Early Riser and The Puppy went on a little hike over one of the seven rolling hills. They might have gone further uphill if The Girl remembered to come with her hiking shoes. This Author would never know if she really did forget to do so or if it was all intentional.

Having hiked the seven hills in the past, The Early Riser plans to return to hike them again with The Girl. The Girl has other plans to return to Ngong Hills for more pictures in a dress. Will they meet halfway? This Author cannot wait to find out!

As you can probably tell from this post, I have spent a lot of time – A LOT OF TIME – on Netflix and I don’t regret it one bit. But now that I have wasted your time with that story, let me leave you with some actual helpful information to plan your visit to Ngong Hills…

Where is Ngong Hills Located?

Ngong Hills forest is located in Kajiado County. It took us about 45 minutes to drive there from our home in the Westlands area. The drive was pretty much straightforward and Google Maps was helpful to direct us to the entrance gate on the town side.

Ngong Hills Opening Hours

Opening hours at Ngong Hills are from 8:00 am โ€“ 5:00 pm. You can visit earlier if you buy a ticket a day earlier. See the KFS website for more information, including a contact number to reach The Forester in Charge.

Ngong Hills Activities and Charges

The most popular activities for visitors at Ngong Hills includes hiking and picnicking. However, you can go biking there as well and according to the KFS website, visitors are also allowed to camp within the park. There’s also a place called ‘Kompass’ where visitors can enjoy some outdoor activities like ziplining and archery.

At the time of our visit, it cost us 464 Ksh each to gain entrance as Kenyan Residents. On the Kenya Forest Website, it states that the charges are 400 Ksh for residents (exclusive of VAT), so I’ll assume that the VAT accounts for the extra costs. For citizens and foreign adults, the charges are 200 and 600 ksh respectively. For children, the price is 25% of the adult price for each category.

Ngong Hills Picnic Site

Picnics at Ngong Hills are just as popular as day hikes. There are no particular designated picnic areas, hence, you’re free to set up in any place that suits you. Be aware of debris and broken glasses around as waste management in some areas is quite poor. Remember to take everything you bring back out with you. Also, remember to pack warm items of clothing as Ngong Hills can get very cold and windy.

Ngong Hills Day Trip

Tell me, have you visited Ngong Hills before? Did you love it? Personally, I did. It exceeded my expectations and I can certainly recommend a visit there.

Also, did you catch my movie and series references in this post? ๐Ÿ™‚ I loosely referenced 3 of my current favourite Netflix movies and shows. Can you name them?

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