Bab’s Dock is certainly one of my favorite places to visit in Cotonou. I visited here first as a day trip with Mark and our second visit was on overnight stay in one of it’s two cabins. If you plan to visit, either as a day trip or for an overnight stay, here’s everything you need to know in order to plan your trip successfully.

Getting There…

Lagos to Cotonou Road Trip 2019 - Bab's Dock

Bab’s Dock is located just outside Cotonou. If you’re not using google maps or going with someone who knows the route, Mark suggests that the best way to get there is to find the Eraven Shopping Center. This should be easy to find as it’s probably the biggest mall in the city center.

Follow that road, keeping the beach on your left. With the newly paved roads, you’ll only have to drive a few minutes to get to Bab’s Dock. You’ll need to make a right after a few minutes, there is a sign at the spot where you need to. Also feel free to ask locals once you get past Fidjrosse.

Directions to Bab's Dock
map from Seems more accurate in terms of time

Bab's Dock directions

Once you arrive, there’s a parking lot provided for your car. You would then need to take a boat (provided by the establishment) from a dock there, through the mangroves, to Bab’s dock. You’ll also be required to pay an entrance fee of 2,500 CFA (about ₦1,600). This also covers the cost of the boat ride.

Booking a Stay or a Day Trip

Bab's Dock

The establishment doesn’t seem to have much of an online presence but they do have a Facebook page where you can make bookings. If you plan to travel with a group, keep in mind that the accommodation only has 2 rooms. Each room comes with a king size bed and a toilet and bathroom en suite. They make use of the compost toilet system for both the rooms and restrooms on the facility.

There’s also a makeshift room (sort of like a fort) atop each room, in case you have little ones travelling with you. I believe they can provide extra mattress if this is needed.

If you are visiting just for a day trip, you can simply just drive there without any prior contact. Be aware that Bab’s Dock is only opened on weekends and public holidays, from 10am to 7pm. The last boat ride out leaves around the time, so be sure to confirm when you get there.

Good to Know…

  • Bab’s Dock is only opened on weekends and public holidays, from 10am to 7pm
  • There’s a mini-zoo (if I can call it that) on the facility. You’ll find animals like donkeys, tortoise and monkeys
  • There’s also a restaurant that serves European styled meals. Prices are around 5,000 – 7000 CFA (₦3,000 – ₦4,500, rounded up) for lunch and dinner and 2,500 CFA (₦1,500) pp for breakfast.
  • Accommodation for one cabin room costs 45,000 CFA (₦28,000) per night

Bab's Dock

And that’s all you need to know about planning your trip to Bab’s Dock! Let me know if I missed anything. And if you have been here before, what do you think of it?

You can read more about our stay at Bab’s Dock here and check out my Instagram page for more photos…

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  2. What I love about Bab’s Docks is its neatness plus the cabin looks so rigid. I can only imagine how much a place like this in Lagos would cost.
    It’s so affordable!