You’ve probably heard of the term ‘FOMO’ or maybe you haven’t. It means “Fear of Missing Out” and it is essentially the anxious feeling you get when you think something interesting is happening somewhere else and you’re missing out on it.

As someone who loves to travel but hates the actual process of air travel, I am driven to travel fast, packing my holidays with every single activity that my new city or country offers. Sometimes, I plan my holidays this way because I genuinely want to see or do those things that the new city offers and also because I am not sure if I’ll ever get another chance to see/do them again. But other times, it’s just a bad case of FOMO.

grandpopoI worry about coming back home, scrolling through social media and seeing that I have missed out on something exciting, especially if said exciting thing happened in a place I’ve been. And what’s worse, it’s not related to just travel alone. It applies to almost every aspect of our daily lives.

I know the feeling I get when I feel like I should be in a certain place or phase in life or be doing certain things. Obviously, this feeling sucks! But I think to myself “why sink into a dark hole when I can be living my best moment NOW?” Because with FOMOs, you’re literally missing out on the present and that isn’t really living.

And so, I’ve listed out a few tips to help combat this feeling and to inspire you (and I) to live our best in the moments we’re presently in.

battling fomoQuiet the Noise

quiet the noise

Social media seems to arouse FOMOs more, so how about you switch off the phone every once in a while. Social media represents only an aspect of our lives and the quicker we understand that, the better. I wrote a post once about the low lights of my travels, about how it hasn’t all been rosy but I don’t put up morose pictures on IG or Facebook. Why would I? I’m not trying to project a false life but pictures are literally the last thing on my mind when I’m feeling down.

I find many social media pages inspiring – making me want to be a better version of myself but when I find myself feeling like I’m missing out on life in general (because of what I see), I step away, get my thoughts back in order, look for people or activities that lift my spirit and channel my thoughts into more productive things.

Count your blessings

benin republic

There are so many things to be grateful for if you would just look around you. Even being here, reading this crappy post is something to be thankful for. You’re alive and you have data! Seriously, you don’t even have to think too much about it. Someone else is currently praying to be where you are right now.

Do more with what you have

If you love to travel, don’t wait until you’ve got a million dollars before you decide to explore places. Make the best use of what you have. I have travelled to different countries with as little as N15,000, you can actually do more with less. If you can’t afford to explore places that are far away, how about you explore your own country, city or neighbourhood? Travel is never only about a place. It is an experience and you have the power to create the best experience wherever you choose to explore.

Focus on what makes you happy

Travel with a Pen to India

Look inward, not out, for your happiness. Find what makes you genuinely happy and stick with it – as long as it isn’t harmful (Just thought I should put that out there! :))

Lastly, Give life your best shot NOW!

accra ghana
Enjoy – to the fullest – the moment you’re in. This isn’t to say you should be nonchalant. Strive to be better but don’t get beaten down along the way. Smile, be happy! Give life your best shot now!

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  1. First, Amarachi, this post is not crappy! Haha. I love love it. I like to read inspirational articles every once in a while.

    I like the initial point of quieting the noise. That’s so important. Also good to count your blessings and seek happiness no matter what.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. glorious chika

    Nice write up my Ajala, SM has it’s advantages and disadvantages, enjoy your life and live in the moment, I shun all acts of FOMO

  3. I handle FOMO by deliberately living in the NOW, wherever I find myself but…. it is hard especially when I’m writing professional exams and I log on to IG. Jeez, I will feel like flinging the book and running out of the library but I always psych myself by saying there’s a time and season for everyone. I also delete IG (which happens to be the platform I use the most) once in a while to shut out the ‘show’. Lmao. Your tips are so helpful.

    • There’s a time and season for everything/everyone! So true!
      I think I’ll consider deleting IG for a bit too. Sometimes, I say I won’t log on but it’s like my fingers have a mind of their own and just find their way to that IG icon!

  4. Key point:Give life my best shot shikena .Thank you for this. Guess sometimes we are overwhelmed with the social media shows.