To wrap up my three-month stay in Egypt, I decided to take an organized tour from Cairo to Luxor and Aswan. After doing a bit of research on Trip Advisor, I opted to go with Love Egypt Tours.

I booked my trip with them just days before I was due to travel, insisting on going overland using the overnight sleeper train. Unfortunately, that got sold out pretty fast since I was travelling during the Eid Festival. Flights were also sold out for my travel dates but eventually, they were able to get me a seat on the overnight train from Cairo to Aswan via Luxor.

Luxor overnight trainThe D-Day arrived and an assigned driver picked me up from the hotel and drove me to the Giza train station where we waited for an hour for the ‘VIP’ train to arrive. It was scheduled to leave at 9:15 pm but it arrived a few minutes later than that and we eventually got to Luxor three hours later than the scheduled arrival time.

My return journey was the same as well. Even though the train left Aswan right on schedule, it arrived in Cairo three hours late.

Cairo to Luxor Overnight Train – First Impressions and Review:

Exterior: The train’s exterior looked very old and worn out but the interior was a lot better. (It could be cleaner though).

Interior: The seats were quite large and comfortable. I was able to get a few hours of sleep before the train arrived in Luxor (and back in Cairo). The headrest for my seat on my return journey was quite dirty, so I had to use a scarf over my head for the entire ride. The train’s staff also cleaned the cabin aisles and toilets were cleaned from time to time.

Food & Drinks: During the ride, portals rolled trolleys of foods and snacks for sale within the cabin. I didn’t get anything, so I have no idea of the prices.

Some views along the way…

Overall, I’d say the train ride wasn’t so bad. Obviously, flying to and from Luxor and Aswan would be faster and more comfortable. However, regardless of how you choose to get to both cities, the journey would be worth it.

Final Tips:

  • The train gets very cold at night. Be sure to have a small blanket with you or anything at all to keep you warm.
  • Remember to pack in tissue paper and snacks for your trip. 
  • There are no power outlets on board. If you plan to use your electronic devices, make sure they are fully charged before your trip

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