How much does it cost to go to Seychelles? In this post, I’ll be writing about the costs needed to travel from Nairobi, Kenya to Mahe, La Digue and Praslin in Seychelles. This breakdown also applies to travel from Lagos. Apart from the costs of flights, everything else is applicable when travelling from Nigeria.

This breakdown is based solely on my experience and is only intended for trip planning and presenting a fair idea of how much to budget. All prices stated here represent the cost per person and are either approximate values or exact values at the time of this writing.

Cost to go to Seychelles breakdown

Cost to Go To Seychelles: How to Get a Visa from Kenya or Nigeria to Seychelles

Nigerian citizens visiting Seychelles do not need to apply for a visa beforehand. Seychelles is visa-free for all nationalities, including Nigerians, provided a few conditions are met. Travellers must present a valid passport, return or onward flight ticket, health insurance, health travel authorization, accommodation booking and sufficient funds ($150 per day) to cover their stay.

As a Nigerian visiting Seychelles, I would advise that you arrive with all these documents and enough funds for your stay. I even included a few more that I used in a previous visa application but they were not checked.

Anse Patates
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Cost to Go To Seychelles: How Much is a Flight Ticket from Lagos and Nairobi to Mahe?

At the time of this writing, there are no direct flights from Nigeria to Seychelles but multiple airlines make the trip with stops at their various hubs. When I checked for the same dates I travelled, the prices were starting from ₦340,000.

Praslin Anse Lazio Anse Georgette Hike
Tip: Remember to book your flights directly through the airlines, especially if you are worried about the constantly changing travel requirements. It is easier to modify your booking directly with the airline than going through a third party.

Cost to go to Seychelles: Travel Insurance

Travellers must also present travel insurance that has coverage for Covid-19. I got mine through SafetyWing for only $12. The process of getting was swift (less than 15 minutes after payment) and SafetyWing issues a letter stating what is covered.

Getting Around in Seychelles: Transportation Costs

I booked a taxi from the airport to the guesthouse I stayed at in Beau Vallon via Get Your Guide and it cost me $32. I didn’t do much within Mahe and booked a taxi whenever I needed to go places. Of course, renting a car is the best way to see the island, but this was not an option for me.

In La Digue, I spent my time walking around (renting a bike is more ideal), while in Praslin, I hired a car and driver for my time there. To move between islands, I booked my ferry trips with Seychelles-Ferry and spent a total of $137. In total, including airport transfers and rides within the country, I spent $239 on transportation for the entire duration of my stay.

Cost to Go To Seychelles: Accommodation Costs

I spent at least one night on the 3 islands I visited. In Mahe, I stayed at the Lemongrass Lodge in Beau Vallon for 2 nights and Precious Residence C for 1 night. These self-catering apartments are some of the cheapest you will find in the area and were suitable for my needs.

Accommodation in La Digue

In La Digue, I stayed at Kot Babi Guesthouse. This guest house and Precious Residence were my favourite accommodations. And finally, in Praslin, I stayed at Diamond Plaza on Grand Anse beach (my least favourite stay). Accommodation cost me a total of $665 for 7 nights.

Feeding & Entertainment

My total food tab for 7 days came up to $80. I dined out once during my trip and ate at “takeaways” most of the time or prepared my own food. As for entertainment and sightseeing, most of the things I did were free. I did a lot of beach hopping, snorkelling, hiking and just walking around the islands.

I also decided to skip paid tours to go snorkelling, diving and so on, since these were activities I had done a few times in other places, like Sharm el Sheikh and the Kenyan Coast. The only paid activity I signed up for for a 3-hour tour with Crystal Water Kayaks in La Digue.

Crystal Kayak Tour Seychelles

The tour is usually about €35 but I signed up for a photo session and the owner threw in the tour for free. There is also a 115 rupee (about $9) charge to enter L’Union Estate, where Anse Source D’argent beach is located and where this tour takes place.

Finally, here’s an overview of everything I spent. Again, this breakdown is based solely on my experiences and is only intended for the purpose of trip planning and to present a fair idea of how much to budget. All prices stated here are either approximate values or exact values at the time of this writing.

Items, ActivitiesPricesComments
Flights from Nairobi to Mahe, Seychelles$780Cost for a 3-hour direct flight
Return taxi from Seychelles Int’l Airport to Mahe$70
Travel Insurance for 8 days$12
Health Travel Authorization$11
Accommodation in Mahe (3 nights)$242
Accommodation in La Digue (3 nights)$349
Accommodation in Praslin (1 night)$74
Mahe to La Digue Ferry$66
La Digue to Praslin Ferry$16
Praslin to Mahe Ferry$55
Activities in Mahe$95Transportation Costs
Activities in La Digue$46Included just the costs for the Kayak tour
Activities in Praslin$114Transportation Costs
Covid-19 PCR Tests$55PCR test not required if fully vaccinated
Total costs for 1 person$2,065

PS: You can contact me here to help plan your trip to Seychelles.

Best beaches to visit in La Digue

I hope you find this breakdown useful. Please leave me a comment to let me know what you think or if you have any questions!

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  1. I read your write up about your trip to seychelles, very interesting experience… I wish to visit seychelles also and I will like if you can be in help..

    • Hi Olayinka, I’ve detailed everything you need to know. If you have specific questions, pls don’t hesitate to ask.

      Also, currently, there is an indefinite ban on Nigerian passport holders visiting Seychelles. Until the ban is over, it is not possible to visit at this time.

  2. Thank you Amara. This was really insightful however, do I really need the health authorization and if yes, how can I get it? Again, on the travel insurance, is it a must?
    I intend to travel to Make Island in Aug for my birthday.

    • Hi Ogechi, glad you found the post helpful. The health travel authorization is now just a digital travel authorization. Still mandatory but you no longer need a PCR test and I think the travel insurance. You can apply from the official site here.

  3. I want to go on a vacation to Seychelles next month please I need your guide from Nigeria to Seychelles

    • Hello, everything in this article is applicable to travel from Nigeria, except the flight tickets. Simply replace that and you should be fine.

  4. Elijah Adetola

    Thanks so much Amarachi for this information,
    But my question is, does it mean I can’t stay there for living…I can only visit?

    • Hi Elijah, the residency rules are different than those for tourism. I advise that you research a bit about that instead. This post focuses on tourism and does not mean you can’t reside in Seychelles.

  5. So as a Nigerian traveling to Seychelles must I book onward or returning ticket?..why can’t I just book my going ticket alone..then anytime am ready to come back I can now buy returning ticket..

  6. Angelfortune

    To think that I have been looking forward to this! Your blog is a dream. Thank you for creating and documenting with us in mind.

  7. As a Nigerian how much were you required to have in hand as far as cash? I was told Nigerians have to show PTA. Also, did you have any troubles with immigration?

    The reason I ask is that my fiancé and I are getting married in Mahe next April just want to make sure we have it all together before travel, we do not want to be turned away. I’m American and he is Nigerian.

    • Hi Tamra, yes, Nigerian travellers are often times asked to show proof of finances available for the trip. This should be the equivalent of $150 for each day of their stay. I did not travel with the total amount in cash and I was not asked about this but I had read that ATM verifications of finances were a thing, so I was prepared for this.
      Getting married is a great reason to visit and I believe officials look favourably at couples. If there’s a chance that you both arrive together, even better. If he is arriving alone, be sure he has all accommodation booked and confirmed and a return or onward flight ticket, in addition to other requirements.
      You can read about my immigration experience and current travel requirements in this post:

  8. This was very helpful. For someone like me who loves to travel, these details help me plan well. Keep up the good job!

  9. I’ve been looking forward to this. Saving it now for future purposes, thank you! Again, your pictures are so cooooooool!!