In my previous post, I talked about the visa free countries for Nigerian citizens and others we can visit either with an eVisa or a Visa upon Arrival. In this post, I’ll be highlighting 25+ other countries you can visit with a valid US visa.

I have previously written about getting a US visa. You can read that here if you are trying to obtain one. However, if you already have a valid US visa on your Nigerian Passport, then you should know that that visa takes you to countries other than the United States of America.

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Twirling in Visa Free Celebration!

This should come as good news to anyone familiar with the ‘struggles’ of travelling with our green passport. I mean, getting the US visa itself is not a walk in the visa application park, especially with Dropbox applications cancelled at the moment and more stringent application processes in place. But it is good to know that the visa takes you to several other countries, just in case you are interested in visiting them.

The Summary: Countries You Can Visit with a Valid US Visa

New York

Countries You Can Visit with a Valid US Visa in Africa

  1. Sao Tome & Principe
  2. Morocco (from 2022)
  3. Egypt

Countries You Can Visit with a Valid US Visa in America (North, South and Central)

  1. The United States (surprise!)
  2. Antigua & Barbuda
  3. Belize
  4. Bermuda
  5. Costa Rica
  6. Dominican Republic
  7. Guam
  8. Mexico
  9. Nicaragua
  10. Northern Mariana Islands
  11. Panama
  12. Puerto Rico
  13. US Virgin Islands

Countries You Can Visit with a Valid US Visa in Europe

  1. Albania
  2. Montenegro
  3. North Macedonia
  4. Serbia
  5. Georgia
  6. Kosovo
  7. Bosnia & Herzegovina
  8. The British Virgin Islands

Countries You Can Visit with a Valid US Visa in the Middle East and Asia

  1. Qatar (E-Visa)
  2. Saudi Arabia

More on Countries Nigerian Passport Holders can Visit with a Valid US Visa

Grand Central Station

Note: Some of these countries have visa processing fees and visa fees may change as exchange rates do. It is important to keep this in mind as you make your plans.

CountriesDuration of Stay (Up To)More InformationNotes
The United States of America180 DaysUS Visa Application Website for NigeriaRead my post about applying for a US visa
Albania90 DaysAlbania Visa Regulations WebsiteYour US visa must have been used to enter the US
Antigua & Barbuda30 DaysAntigua & Barbuda Immigration WebsiteVisa on Arrival is available at a cost of $100

Cruise ship visitors do not require a visa if they arrive and leave on the same day
Belize30 DaysBelize High Commission
Bermuda45 DaysBermuda Government Website
Bosnia & Herzegovina30 DaysBosnia & Herzegovina Visa Information
Costa Rica30 DaysCosta Rica Embassy Website
Dominican Republic30 DaysDominican Embassy Website
Egypt30 DaysExperience Egypt WebsiteVisa on Arrival is available at a cost of $25
Georgia90 DaysGeorgia Ministry of Foreign Affairs Website
GuamN/AUS Territory
Visit Guam Website
Kosovo15 DaysThe Republic of Kosovo Embassy Site
Mexico180 DaysMexico Embassy Website
Montenegro30 DaysVisit Montenegro Website
Morocco30 DayseVisa Site
Nicaragua30 Days*Debatable and I found several conflicting articles about this country.
North Macedonia15 DaysNorth Macedonia Ministry of Foreign AffairsTemporarily on hold until Dec 31, 2023
Northern Mariana Islands30 DaysUS Territory
Panama30 DaysEmbassy of Panama WebsiteUS visa must have been used once and must be valid for at least 6 months before entry into Panama. You may also need to show that you have sufficient funds to cover your stay.
Puerto RicoN/AUS Territory
Qatar30 DaysVisit Qatar WebsiteVisa to be used for ETA application
Sao Tome & Principe15 Days
Serbia90 DaysSerbia Ministry of Foreign Affairs Website
The British Virgin IslandsUp to 180 DaysBritish Virgin Islands, London OfficeHolders of current and valid visas issued by the United Kingdom, United States or Canada should have six (6) months of validity or use prior to travelling to the BVI
Turkey (E-Visa)30 DaysTurkey eVisa Website FAQeVisa costs $50
Currently unavailable to Nigerians (July 2022)
US Virgin IslandsN/AUS Territory
countries you can visit with a valid us visa

I will update this article as often as I can but please be aware that visa policies may change at any time. Before you pack your bags, be sure to get an update on your visa status from the Immigration Offices of the countries you intend to visit.

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Purchase Travel Insurance: I use SafetyWing for both my travel and visa application needs

Activities: Find fun activities and tours in your destination via Get Your Guide, Viator or Klook Travel

*Edit October 22, 2020: Thanks to the comment from Adejoké Babington-Ashaye, this post has been edited to exclude Cuba and Turks & Caicos. Nigerians require a visa to visit Cuba. If you have a valid US visa and have travelled to the US, you can apply from there. Also, you would need to apply for a visa to visit Turks & Caicos from your nearest embassy.

*Edit July 2022: Turkish eVisa is no longer available to Nigerian citizens

*Edit July 2022: Moroccan evisa is now available for Nigerians with a valid US visa.

I would like to hear about your experience of travelling with a Nigerian Passport, particularly to any of these countries. Please share them in the comment section below.

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  1. Hello Amarachi.
    I was told by someone that if you hold a valid US visa, you can enter Canada and stay for up to 30 days, provided that you enter through the US first before traveling to Canada. Is this true?
    Do you have any updated info on this?
    Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Julius, I believe you will still need a visitor visa to enter Canada from the US. From my basic research, I think the person might be referencing this fairly new article, which does not exempt Nigerian travellers from getting the appropriate visas for both countries. While you can visit Mexico with a US visa, you need to apply for a Canadian visa beforehand to enter the country.

  2. Hi Amarachi,
    Please I am Nigerian passport holder with a valid multiple US, Canada, and UK visas. I am planning to go on a cruise ship from Miami to a Caribbean country like Bahamas. Please do i need a Bahamas visa or not? Thanks

    • Hi Hakeem, you will be fine with your multiple-entry US visa, travelling via a cruise ship from the US. Please see the linking the post for more details from the official Bahamas immigration website.

      • Hi Amarachi, sorry i just checked on there website and got the below information.
        VISA FOR TRAVEL TO THE BAHAMASPlease be advised that all nationalities who would normally require a visa for travel to The Bahamas and intend to travel to The Bahamas by way of cruise ship must obtain a Bahamian visa. The same applies for persons traveling by air to join a cruise ship traveling through The Bahamas.
        Can you please give me exact website where you got yours.

        • Hi Hakeem, you’re correct. It seems the exemption is only for Indian Nationals. I’ve updated the list now. Thank you for pointing it out. Nigerians must apply for a Bahamian visa even when travelling through the US and on a cruise ship.

  3. Hey amara i am from somalia if i have a valid us visa can i go to those european countries you mentioned above thanks.

  4. Hari Kumar Kalvacharla

    Hai guys. I have to travel to Swiss and Paris next month for a program and I have a valid USA Visa. my trip to Europe will be 7days in total including the travel dates. so my question is do I have to take the Shengan Visa or can I travel on my US B1/B2 ?

  5. Hello Amara
    Pls, how can a Nigerian with valid US visa travel to Turkey since e-visa is no longer allowed?

    • Hi Kunle, until such a time when the restriction is removed, Nigerian passport holders would need to apply for a Turkish visa from the embassy in order to visit the country. Here’s a post with details of the requirements.

  6. You didn’t add South Korea

    • We were able to do so in the past but as of today, the official SK embassy excludes 24 countries from this visa waiver. Nigeria is one of them. See more here.

      • Adejoké Babington-Ashaye

        I can confirm that a South Korean visa is needed. Back in 2017 when I travelled to Seoul I had to apply and obtain one in advance.

        • Thank you, Adejoké. It’s always nice to have firsthand experiences, thank you for your significant contributions to this blog!

  7. Hi Amarachi,

    Thanks for outlining all these countries for us. I just wanted to add from our own experience travelling to Egypt in February 2022. My husband is a Nigerian citizen and US permanent resident but he was required to get a pre-approved visa from the Egyptian embassy in the US before we took off to Egypt. They informed us he would not be allowed to get a visa on arrival.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience, Sara. I wish the Egyptian Immigration authorities would update the information online for consistency. I now know of 2 people who have received a visa on arrival, while travelling with a Nigerian passport and a US visa in it, one travel was early this month. Other people have mentioned that a visa on arrival can be granted to groups of 5 travellers and above. Again, nothing I have seen on the official immigration website confirms this.

  8. Hi Amarachi,
    I will be in Miami in a couple of weeks and plan to visit Cuba while I’m there. I understand I can get a Cuban tourist card from American Airlines to travel to Cuba. Is this still the case, or do I need to get a Cuban visa before leaving Nigeria? The Cuban embassy in Abuja is incredibly difficult to locate. Address online is wrong.

    • Hello Jay, I believe your assumptions are still valid. I read online (in an article as recent as May 2022) that you can get a Tourist Card from your airline in the US. It might be best to send them an email to confirm this.

  9. I traveled with My son to Turks and Caicos in 2019 and we didn’t need a Visa. We entered with our US visa.

  10. Hi Amarachi,

    Thank you so much for this very vital information. Do you have an updated list for 2022? A lot has changed since the pandemic and I’m sure there may be some updates to that effect.
    Kindly share,
    Thank you!

  11. Sharlene Ewere-Boorer

    Hi Amarachi, my Nigerian husband lives with me in the uk on a spouse visa, we want to go on a cruise travelling from Miami to Honduras, Belize and Mexico and just wanted to check what visa he will need please. Does he just need a multiple entry us visa please? Many thanks for any help you can give.

    • Hi Sharlene, as far as I know, a multiple entry valid US visa should be fine for Miami, Belize and Mexico. However, I tried looking up information about Honduras but unfortunately couldn’t find anything concrete. I did see someone mention on a TripAdvisor forum that a US visa is valid for a cruise to/through Honduras. I think it’s best to confirm directly from the cruise operator to be on the safe side.

  12. Emmanuel Ekwe

    Hello Amarachi, I will need your guidance. I will love to get some clarifications before I make my booking.

  13. Adejoké Babington-Ashaye

    Awesome article! Thanks a lot for the comprehensive list. I would suggest an update. Unfortunately Turks & Caicos has added Nigeria to the visa required list. Also, when I travelled to Cuba in 2017 I was required to get a visa.

  14. Awesome article!!! Looking forward to exploring these places. Thank you for sharing.

  15. This is very compact and informative. Thanks for sharing Amarachi!