I remember a time when I used to be so picky about foods, especially when I travelled. I had three golden rules when it came to trying foreign foods.

  1. If it looks like jollof rice, it can be eaten – I was often very disappointed because even though the appearance of some foods were close to our beloved Nigerian delicacy, the taste was always nothing like it.
  2. No one can mess up french fries. No One!
  3. If it’s got chicken in it, it has to be good.

Over time, I’ve become more open to trying out new foods and I join Fola and Mofe to talk about this and some of the craziest, wildest and most bizarre things we’ve eaten during our trips.

We also talk about some of foods we’ve tried and loved. I don’t know if you can tell how much we enjoyed recording this video. I mean, we got to talk about food! Anyway, I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we did shooting it.

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  1. I only just tried Octopus. I feel like I’ve tried something stranger, but nothing’s coming to mind at the moment!


    • Did you try it alone, I mean as a separate dish? How did it taste?

      I tried octopus unknowingly in France. It was diced into a meal that looked like fried rice. Once I realized what I was eating, it was already too late. I looked at my colleague (who also figured what she was eating at the same time I did) and we both started laughing and just continued with our food.