Eleko Beach is a private beach in the Lekki Peninsula area, about 60kms east of Lagos Island. Because of its distance, it enjoys a lesser crowd than those closer to Lekki and Victoria Island.

I visited this beach after a horrendous experience at La Campagne Tropicana, where I had originally intended to spend the day. I quickly gave up on that ambition, leaving to Eleko beach which is only a few minutes away from the ‘resort’. You know something is very wrong with an establishment when you get better customer service from ‘area boys’.

I visited La Campagne Tropicana with a friend of mine to spend the day at the beach. I was really looking forward to the trip having travelled quite a distance to get to the resort. When we arrived, the ambience was excellent, the people were friendly. I loved the traditional elements put in place, from the greetings to everything else. Then everything went south when the receptionist noticed my DSLR.

To cut the long story short, after discussing with the manager who looked nothing like it, we were told we couldn’t take the camera in unless we paid a fee of N50,000. He reiterated that it meant nothing to them. We agreed to go in with a phone and I made a mistake of mentioning that I wanted to write about my experience on my personal blog. To which he responded that I would be sued if I don’t present a proposal and get a written consent to do so first. The story goes on and on really. At the end of the day, I couldn’t stomach much more..we left to Eleko beach and had such a wonderful time there. – My review on Trip Advisor

Visiting Eleko Beach in Lagos

Anyway, at 9:00 am when I arrived at Eleko beach, there were only a handful of visitors in the area. The beach was very clean (which is something to be celebrated in Lagos) and it was also very quiet. Since I’ve never been the ‘party-at-the-beach’ kind of person, I really loved this calmness and serenity that it offered. The time I spent here was absolutely priceless. If you’re anything like me, you might want to bring a book the next time you visit – there will be a next time!

Eleko beach, Lagos
Heading back to my natural habitat

As far as activities go, there’s an option for horse riding, fishing, swimming and plain old relaxing. There are also huts, tables and chairs to set up with if you decide to bring some food. I’m not sure how much these costs though if they do at all as I was offered one for free.

eleko beach Lagos eleko beach LagosA 500 Naira entrance fee (per person) was requested to gain access into the beach. I hear you need another N500 to park your car. We didn’t have to pay for this either. It probably had to do with the time of day perhaps.

While you’re there, you might also be approached by some of the kids bearing gifts of fish (yes, live fish), seashells and anything they can lay their hands on really. I wasn’t disturbed by this at all, I actually found it rather amusing.

Eleko beach LagosIt’s not compulsory but if you have a little extra cash to spare, it would be nice to reward them for their ‘hard work’ :). Overall, I had a pleasant time here. It was certainly a great way to end the day.

Have you visited Eleko beach? What do you think of it?

Update 2019: I went back to LA Campagne Tropicana. My review is here

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  1. Magdalene Omiojieahior

    I have been to Eleko beach but I must say that I didn’t really explore this beach. The group tour I went with organized activities that occupied my time. i hope to visit again.


    • I think the best way to visit is to bring your own activities. So you can safely check it off as a destination you have explored. 🙂

  2. Hi Amara,
    Thank for your review. Are we allowed to sit inside the huts or we have to rent it to sit inside? Thanks

    • Hello Onyinye, thanks for reading.
      I’ve heard that people have to pay to use them. I can imagine this to be true if there are many visitors to the beach. During my visit, we were free to use it without charge. I doubt that this is always the case.

  3. Hi Amarachi thanks for the detailed review on Eleko beach please can you name one or two affordable guest houses close to the beach or is there a lodge nearby. Planning my wedding anniversary getaway

    • Hi Ada, I’m not very familiar with hotels around that area, so I can’t really recommend any. But you could look up Chaka Resort – I don’t know anyone who’s stayed here before, so it might be a good idea to go check them out first or look out for reviews. Another option is La Campagne Tropicana (against my better judgement). While my experience taking a day trip there was terrible, some people have been lucky to have good ones. So it may be worth checking out as well.

  4. Hi, I’m having a planned beach fun with a friend. Pls is the access fee of Eleko beach (#500) and Elegushi (#1K) still the same up till now. and perhaps which of the beaches will you advise one to catch a fun

    • Hi Adeniyi, I haven’t been to both beaches in a while so I can’t say for sure that the prices are the same. You can budget for an extra N500 in case it has changed. Personally, I preferred Eleko because it wasn’t as rowdy as Elegushi. But Elegushi has more activities than the former.

  5. Customer service is a big low in this part of the world. You know, LCT is located just after LFTZ etc – it’s quite a long distance so imagine having a poor customer service! It’s a wreck. Businesses take their customers for granted withut knowing that we want value for these things. At the end, the behaviour of their people can turn one off. I was planning LCT but when I remembered the poor water and dull staff they have/had, I no risk am

    • A lot of businesses around here don’t think much about it [customer service] really. They probably believe they’re doing us a favour. We were willing to spend N4,000 each to see the same stretch of beach as Eleko – where we paid N500 (and got better service). But it is what it is. Boycotting them until further notice. They need to do better.

  6. La Campagne is becoming too full of themselves.

    Shame as it’s a nice place.

    Anyway Eleko beach is a great alternative especially if you get there early.

  7. Coming from Quora. Interesting post would sure try to locate this beach someday. Hope it isn’t too far away from lagos mainland and how much in terms of transportation would it take to get there.

    • Thanks Opeyemi, good to have you here. Eleko beach is quite far from Lagos mainland actually. It’s +-1hr30mins once you hit Lekki-Epe expressway. Getting from the mainland (depending on where you live) to Lekki might be another hour (not factoring in Lagos traffic). As for transport costs, I can’t say for certain but perhaps you can budget somewhere between N1,200 – N1,500. This will also depend on where you’re coming from and what mode of transportation you choose to take. Obviously taking a private car would cost way more than that.

      I hope this helps…