One of the highlights of my visit to the UAE was the desert safari tour in Abu Dhabi. The tour began with a drive away from the city centre into what I might refer to as ‘rural Abu Dhabi’. We were to arrive in a convoy of two cars but the other car arrived later due to a flat tire.

Because we arrived earlier, our driver took us on a mini dune bashing experience, while we waited for the other guys. There was also a quick stop for us to observe the camels and take a few pictures.

After about 15 minutes of controlled reckless bashing against the sand dunes, we were driven on a smoother path (thank God) to a fenced out area in the middle of the desert. Just outside the arena, there was an option to ride a camel and inside, a chance to play dress-up.

Then we got seated to watch a performance from a belly dancer. Some of us got to join in too!

We ended the day with a nice traditional dinner, some sandboarding and henna painting…

Even though I enjoyed this tour very much, I’m guessing it will be a one time experience for me, especially because of the dune bashing. (Not sure my stomach will handle any more of that!)

PS: Thanks to my friend, Ardie, for these pictures.

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  1. I really want to get henna done.

  2. You did belly dancing? Amazing…please share the pic 🙂