Last year, after the Nigerian government introduced yet another procedure of obtaining a Yellow Card in Nigeria. I wrote a fairly extensive post about that in this article and I have received several questions about the whole process since then. In true fashion, whenever I have an article that generates lots of questions, I love to compile them in a single post, so without further ado, here are the frequently asked questions (with answers) about getting the new e Yellow Card in Nigeria.

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New Yellow Card Nigeria

How Do I Get a Nigerian Yellow Card? | How Do I Apply for a Yellow Card in Nigeria?

The first step to applying for the new e yellow card in Nigeria is to register online at the yellow card Nigeria portal. The steps below detail the process of getting the new yellow card online;

Log on to the Yellow Card Nigeria portal at
Click on the ‘Register’ and fill in your personal information
Click “Pay Now” and generate a receipt afterwards
Make a payment of ₦2,000 (+any extra charges) online (or go to the bank with the RRR code provided)
Print the payment confirmation and take it to your nearest Port Health Services Office, along with a copy of your passport biodata page to get the vaccination administered.

How Much is it to Get a Yellow Card in Nigeria?

It costs ₦2,000 to get a Yellow Card in Nigeria. I’ve read recently that there might also be charges up to 640. When I registered for my card, I didn’t have to pay any extra charges but you should be aware of this. Also, you are not required to make any other payment at the facility.

Where are the Yellow Card Centres in Lagos?

You can get the Yellow Fever vaccine and card at all international borders or Port Health offices in Nigeria. In Lagos, the Port Health office is located at Airport Rd, right by the toll gate on your way to the International airport. Look out for a yellow coloured building to your left (before the toll) if you’re coming from Ikeja.

Apart from the Port Health office at Ikeja, you can get the vaccine and Yellow Card at Tincan Island Sea Port, Apapa Sea Port, Idiroko border, Seme border and all Federal Secretariats. If you are planning to travel via the land borders (especially those in Lagos), I would advise that you get your card before your trip, rather than getting it at the border. The land borders in Lagos are notorious for extortion, best not to give them a reason to extort you further.

Do I Need a Yellow Card to Travel to Nigeria?

Yes, it is compulsory to have a valid Yellow Card or Yellow Fever certificate when visiting Nigeria. There is a risk of being denied boarding your flight or entry into the country if you do not have it. Typically, some countries who have this as a requirement offer to vaccinate travellers before they are granted entry, but at the time of this writing, I am not very sure about the policies in Nigeria.

Which Countries Require Proof of Yellow Fever Vaccination?

Basically, all countries that have a risk of Yellow Fever transmission require proof of vaccination. Most countries in Africa and South America will require proof of vaccination. You can see a full list of countries and their requirements here. Personally, my Yellow Card goes hand-in-hand with my Nigerian passport, so I don’t worry too much about which countries have this as a requirement and which don’t.

Do I Need a Yellow Card to Travel to the USA? | Do I Need a Yellow Card to Travel to the UK?

At the time of this writing, you do not need a Yellow Card to travel to the USA or the UK. These countries are not at risk of Yellow Fever disease transmission.

I am Pregnant, Am I Exempted Getting the Yellow Card? | Who is Exempted from Taking the Yellow Fever Vaccine?

Pregnant women and nursing mothers are exempted from taking the vaccine. However, you may still have to obtain a Yellow Card. In this case, an exemption stamp is placed in the card. In addition, children under 9 months of age and adults over 60 years are also exempted from taking the vaccine. See NCDC’s FAQ for more information.

I Just got my Yellow Card, Can I Travel with it Immediately?

You should allow 10 days from the day of your vaccination to your travel date. Some stern immigration officials will try to enforce this, so save yourself the troubles by getting the card at least 10 days before your trip.

My Old Card and Vaccination are Still Valid. Do I Need to Renew It?

Yes, you do, however, you do not need to take the vaccine again. Simply go through the registration process, pay to get a new card and go to the Port Health Office with your old one. You will be given a new card without having to get vaccinated again.

How Long Does It Take to be Scheduled for an Appointment after Making the Payment?

There are no fixed appointment dates after completing your registration. Simply go to the Port Health Office when you’re available to do so (and go early too).

Does the Port Health Office Operate on Weekends?

Yes, the office opens daily but operates at different times during the weekends. I believe the office closes at 2 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

How Long Does it Take to Obtain a New Card?

Depending on the number of people present, once you get vaccinated, you may be asked to pick up your card the following day. If you’re lucky to visit on a day with a lesser crowd or perhaps you have some good negotiating skills, you can get it on the same day.

New Yellow Card in Nigeria

I hope this article answers all the questions you might have about getting a Yellow Fever card in Nigeria. If you have any more questions, please leave them down in the comment section below and I and the community here will be happy to answer.

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  1. I went to the yellow card office at the airport to do mine since August. This is November its still not reflecting online. I have tried to see if there is a way to reach them either via mail or social media account, I can’t see. Is there any way you can help with that please?

    • I’ve had mine since 2020 or so and it doesn’t have any details online. I haven’t had any issues travelling with it so far. I wouldn’t worry about that at all.

  2. Chukwuma Kenneth

    Please can international passport renewal affect the validity of the yellow card. Does someone that renewed his passport need to get a new yellow card certificate?

    • No, it doesn’t affect your card’s validity. I recommend travelling with both passports to avoid issues, although I doubt that you’ll have any.

  3. I did my yellow fever registration online but I made a mistake with my date of birth
    Should I go back there to correct it?

    • I don’t think this is a big issue. DOBs do not appear on the card. I wouldn’t worry about this at all.

      • Okay
        Because I was about going back to find how to correct the mistake
        Thank you

      • Hi amarachi, please I registered and paid online today and a receipt was generated, pls how long will I have to wait before I get the card

      • Hello Olanipekun, you don’t have to wait. Simply visit a vaccination centre closest to you to receive the vaccine and get your card.

  4. I took the yellow fever vaccine 2020 at UPTH when they where giving it then but I wasn’t given any yellow card, do I still need to take another vaccine to obtain the card?

    • I don’t think you do. If you have any proof that you took it, just take that to the centre and pay the required fees online to get the card.

      When I got a replacement card after I lost mine a few years ago, I simply told them I had received the vaccine and they didn’t insist on seeing a proof of that. It may or may not be the same these days.

  5. Pls I Want to know, can I pay at the po in, get vaccination n obtain my card on the same day

    • Typically, they ask you to come back the next day for the card but I’m guessing that if you go early and meet the right people, you can probably do so.

  6. Hi Amarachi. Please, what is the verification process at the airport like? I actually got vaccinated a few days ago, 11 days before I’m required to travel. I received the card that same day, but it took a while for them to update my details online, and now that they have, it shows the date of online registration as the date of vaccination on my dashboard. Do you think this could constitute a problem? Because the time between the date of registration and the date of my flight is now less than ten days.
    Kindly advise. Thank you.

    • Hi Chisom, there’s a date written inside the card. That’s typically the date they check. If it is at least 10days before your travel date, then you are good to go.

  7. I got mine from my local government, but I don’t think it is the legit thing. Can I still use it?

  8. Can the Yellow Fever card be arranged on my behalf or most I be there myself, if someone can help me get it on my behalf, please what and what will he/she come with?

    • Well, you need to take the Yellow Fever vaccine to get the card. So, if you are below 60yo, you will need to visit the centre in person.

  9. Can I get the yellow card in ondo state or I have to go down to lagos

  10. Fatai Kudirat Omowumi

    Do I need to get the yellow card before the international passport and how long does it takes to get the international passport please

    • The timeline to get an international passport is different for everyone. It’s best you contact your nearest immigration office. Ideally, if you apply outside Lagos, you will get it faster. As for the yellow card, you can get it after you get your passport.

  11. I got my yellow fever card since 2020,I hope it’s still valid till date(2023)

  12. I got my yellow fever card on the 7th of this month and today is 10th but it’s still telling me to put in valid passport number and code each time I want to scan, please is there a problem with mine?

  13. Hi Amarachi,
    Thank you for this article and the website in general, it’s really saved me a lot of stress with my travel prep.
    I wanted to find out, I have an expired International passport however, I have a valid ECOWAS passport.
    Which do you think I should use to register for the Yellow Card since a passport number would be required to be written on the card?

    • I think you should confirm with the authorities but personally, I would use my international passport number (if it is allowed). When you renew your passport, you can always travel with both.

      My current yellow card has my old passport number on it. These days, I don’t even bother to travel with the old one anymore.

    1. Hi Amarachi,

      I got my vaccine in 2003. So I still need to get another one?

    • Hi Anne, yes, you might need to get another one. I believe the vaccines taken before 2013 or so, have a 10-year validity. So, going by that, yours might have expired. The new ones are permanent though.

      • Good evening, I made a mistake with my date of birth while registering for the e-yellow fever. Do I need to pay for another money to get it rectified before going for the vaccine?
        Your prompt response will be appreciated. Thanks

      • Hello, it shouldn’t be a problem and you don’t need to pay again. Just go get the vaccine and your new card.

  14. Hi Amarachi, I just registered, however during registration, I made a mistake with my name, correct surname, correct first name, I made a mistake using my surname as my middle name. I shared my correct passport number. Would I need to pay again or is there another way I can correct the information?

    • Hi Nanya, I don’t think you should worry too much about this. The names on the cards are handwritten at the centre, so you can just correct it there.

  15. Hi Amarachi. I had my vaccine and the card in 2018. Is it still valid or I need to get the new one before traveling please?

    • Hi Kate, I believe the 2018 cards are not the new e-yellow cards. If that’s the case, while the vaccine is still valid, the card is not. You may need to get a new card. You just have to pay for it but not take the vaccine again and then travel with both cards if you get the new one in under 10 days before your trip.

  16. Ikechukwu Nwaiwu

    Is there any different between yellow card and yellow fever card

  17. Thanks so much Amara. I will be going to get my vaccine and card today. I hope the process is pretty much same.

  18. I renewed my passport, do I still need to renew my yellow card since I got it 2020?

  19. Great write up Amarachi and I found it insightful, keep up the good work.
    Just a bit of clarification, you did answer it in your write up.
    I have the old yellow card I legally obtained and paid for at the Federal Sectariate, is one still required to pay the #2000 in other to have your data transferred to the new card? Thank you.

    • Hi Joe, thanks for your comment. When I applied for mine, I needed to pay for the new card, but I did not need to take the vaccine again. I believe this is still the case.

  20. Please when I paid, I wasn’t able to get a payment receipt, can I still go with the RRR I generated? Can my payment be traced with that?

    • Hi Olamide, I’m not sure if that would suffice. You need to show proof of payment (payment confirmation). Simply having the RRR is not enough. I believe you can regenerate this receipt from the website. Check out this support link to find out how to go about it.

  21. Thanks for this important information. I would like to know if the Port Health office is only located in Lagos as I am based in Enugu and from the info shared I need to get the card and vaccine at least 10 days before my trip. Please do you know if the Health offices are located in Enugu as well. Thank you.

    • Hi Nkem, thanks for your comment. I’m sorry I don’t know the location of the Port Health office (if any) in Enugu. I imagine they should have one since they have an International Airport. You can try asking around at the Federal Secretariat too. I’m also hoping someone who is more knowledgeable would respond to your comment with more information.

      • Ndifreke Sunday

        Amarachi please I want to get my yellow card and they ask me to pay a sum of 8k I thought the price is 2k before

      • Hi Ndifreke, where are you applying from? The price is still very much 2,000. You should not pay anything above that.

      • I have paid for mine and it was just 2000 naira with some bank charges (#172) precisely.

      • Hello Cyril,
        Where did you pay for yours?

      • Hello,
        I got it done at Port Health Ikeja.
        Thank you!

      • Hi Amara, it’s been three days since I got my yellow card and it won’t validate online. Do I need to go back to the office? I need it for a work trip and I don’t want to be embarrassed. It’s one alphabet and seven digits.

      • Hello, I think you should be okay. Mine is the same way. Scanning the QR code shows nothing and I’ve never had an issue travelling with it.