This post is a continuation of an article about my trip to the Benin Republic. I visited sites in two countries (Nigeria and Benin) for N20K. I’ll breakdown costs later on and also talk more about Couchsurfing for the first time, getting to Cotonou and my experience crossing the Seme border.

Here’s an overview of how day two of the 3-day trip went. You can find all the super interesting details about day one here

Day Two in Benin: Fidjrosse to Ouidah

We began day two with a drive down the beach road to Ouidah. The trip took about an hour and a half (including a brief stop to get some coconuts.) We got to the gate of the ‘point of no return’ and had breakfast at a shop there. I had couscous and an omelette with a drink. This cost me about 1000 CFA. Mark said the food might have cost less in a different location.

After breakfast, we visited the ‘Temple des Pythons in Ouidah. We paid an entry fee of 1000 CFA each (N754) and 2000 CFA (N1,510) for the group to go in with our cameras. It was a good tour and the guide was very Knowledgeable.  I wasn’t brave enough to put a snake around my neck though…

I didn’t want to pull off a ‘Davido’, so I just respected myself. Plus, my mum would probably disown me if she even hears I went to this place. (Fun Fact: She doesn’t like to hear the word ‘Snake’. We have to say ‘That thing you don’t like‘)

After Temple des Pythons, we visited the Sacred Forest of Kpasse. This is where a tree believed to be the King Kpasse exists. (I’ll probably write a separate article about these places in the coming months) The fees for entry and taking in a camera were the same as the python temple. We decided we would do without pictures here and paid for entry only.

Mark took us thereafter, to a bukka-style place to try Beninese cuisine. We ordered for ‘akassa’ and goat. It tasted nothing like what I’ve had before (I mean the akassa) but I’m pretty sure we have an equivalent in Nigeria. The countries along the West African coast have similar cuisines. That’s why we all fight about whose Jollof Rice is better…

When we were done with lunch, it was time to take the slave trade route tour. There was a masquerade parade while we waited for our guide. Couldn’t take more pictures of them cos they were demanding for money and chasing people…

Our guide came shortly after and took us to the tourist office where we paid 10,000 CFA which was the price for a group of 3-5 persons. We then began the tour of the slave trade route from the slave market to the door of no return where it ended.

I said my goodbyes to Jon and Jade, who were going to stay with a friend for the night while Mark and I headed back to Fidjrosse. Day two ended with a lovely dinner by the beach and a nice cup of tea and honey made by Mark. I slept like a baby!

The next morning, before he went to work, we grabbed breakfast at a really lovely cafe in Cotonou. (cost was 2700 CFA for both of us)

…and then he gave me a short tour of the city before dropping me off at the taxi park in Tokpa.

I had an amazing time in the Benin Republic, thanks to Mark and I couldn’t have asked for a better host. He welcomed me into his home, provided wifi, coffee in the mornings and slept on the couch while I had the bed. It was a trip I will never forget and I hope I get the chance to return the favour someday…

Catch up on Day 1 in Fidjrosse and Day 3 in Badagry.

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  1. I bookmarked this page and knew I was going to come back and comment someday….I didn’t want to be too forward then. But here you are with Mark now! The chemistry was too visible all over this post. LOL! Your biggest fan

  2. Hello Amarachi, I love the resource you have provided here… It’s awesome. I’m a budding tour planner and that’s how I stumbled on your blog (I’m planning Ghana and Benin Republic tours). Hopefully everything is at should be and myself and other tourists get to have time of our lives.

    • Hi Jadesola, so glad you found my blog helpful. I hope everything goes well too. Checked out your platform (The Bourgie Life), looks like you have the tour thing locked down. Kudos!

  3. Hey I’m nimi and I’m planning a trip with 3 of my friends
    Going through your blog has been super informative and helpful in the planning process
    But we still have a lot to do because we are all 19 and need a well detailed plan in order to convince our parents to let us go
    Please help!!! We plan on going two weeks from now may 14
    Is there a way to contact you for more talk?

    • Hi Nimi, happy to know you’ve found my blog helpful. Where are you guys headed to? Benin? You can draw up an itinerary from the info here and go with one of those regular buses rather than hopping on and off like I did during this trip. My email address is on my ‘About Me’ page. Please feel free to send me an email in case you need more info. X

      • Hey Amarachi, I’ve been trying to find your email on your page and I can’t, do you mind emailing me?
        or responding with your email… thank you

  4. Another great post!
    “I had couscous and an omelette with a drink. This cost me about 1000 cefa. Mark said the food might have cost less in a different location.”… that’s cheap, happy to know that we can eat for 1000 cfa in Benin including a drink…

  5. Hello, been on your blog for about how many hours now? Is there a way to connect with people like Mark (who can host or so) as taking off accommodation off the list would make my trips more budget friendly and easier. I’m sure you get what I mean cos I intend to start exploring as from next week.
    Your posts have been insightful and keeps fueling my wanderlust desires. I’ll be expecting your reply.

    • Hi Tosin, good to have you here! Glad you found the blog and posts useful for your upcoming adventures.

      You can try to look for hosts on the same app I used (couchsurfing) and send requests to persons you feel comfortable with. Or you can also try Airbnb to reduce costs for accommodation.

      • Oh Amarachi!
        I want to go with you on your next budget trip through west africa 🙁
        No one wants to try this with me.
        Im glad I can live vicariously through you.

        • Hey Damilola, thanks for stopping by! Have you considered solo tripping it? 🙂 Could be fun. Would probably do West Africa (different countries) again next year but nothing is certain.

  6. Did you book these tours via trip advisor or any tour company??? Thinking of a trip soon…