After Tokyo and Nikko, Kamakura was my next stop in Japan. I visited this coastal city on a day trip from Tokyo. Like all the places I visited in Japan, it was easy and convenient to get there via public transportation and the journey alone was worth it.

Have I mentioned how much I love efficient transportation systems? It’s why I love South Korea, Singapore, and Japan!

Kamakura Day Trip from Tokyo
Holm Cafe Zamalek

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Like my day trip to Nikko, I set out from Tokyo early in the morning to make the most of the day. I had purchased the 1-day Enoshima-Kamakura Freepass before I left Nairobi and arrived at Shinjuku Station to board the train. This pass was very convenient; I only had to scan the QR code from my phone or display it when needed.

Getting to Kamakura from Tokyo

To optimize my day, I rode the Odakyu Line from Shinjuku Station to Katase-Enoshima Station before continuing to Kamakura. My favourite part of this journey was the people watching, and especially seeing little kids going to school independently.

travel from tokyo to kamakura

After arriving in Enoshima, I grabbed a quick bite of delicious onigiri and a drink from the convenience store then made my way across the Enoshima Benten Bridge, a pedestrian-only bridge connecting Enoshima Island to the mainland.

Enoshima Benten Bridge

It was a scenic walk across the bridge, flanked by beautiful views of the ocean and even Mount Fuji. It took me around 15 minutes to reach the other side and after doing so, I spent some time in a park by the ocean, watching men fish and enjoying my breakfast.

Kamakura Trip from Tokyo

Next, I continued walking towards Nakamise Street and Enoshima-jinja.

Nakamise Street and Enoshima-Jinja

Since I arrived early, most of the shops on the street were closed, so I spent my time walking around, exploring the beautiful Torii Gates, the shrine and the adjoining areas.

I had a good time walking around and taking in the views of the island from the vantage point close to the main shrine.

Kamakura Day Trip from Tokyo Enoshima jinja
Day Trip to Kamakura
Shrine in Kamakura

Later, I made my way back to the train station and rode the Enoden Line to Hase Station. From there, I walked to Kotoku-in Temple to see the Great Buddha Statue.

Kamakura Day Trip: Kotoku-in Temple (Great Buddha)

The statue, which is one of the biggest Buddha statues in Japan, dates back to the 13th century and was quite impressive to see.

There wasn’t much else to do here, so after spending a few minutes in the temple, I headed back to the train station and rode the line to Kamakura Station.

Kamakura Day Trip: Komachi-dori Street

There, I walked over to Komachi Street, an alleyway with several restaurants and street food vendors. I enjoyed walking around here, trying many delicious street food and people-watching. After this stop, I attempted to get to Hokoku-ji Temple but somehow got confused about what bus to catch.

Kamakura Day Trip from Tokyo food market street

Honestly, I chalked this up to not having enough patience to figure it out and being nearly “templed-out” at this point. Before Kamakura, I had visited a few temples and shrines and looked forward to visiting a few more in Kyoto.

Sightseeing in Kamakura: Day Trip from Tokyo

So I did my best to overcome my FOMO and head back to Tokyo for a relaxing time before my trip to Hakone the following day. But first, I had to make one more stop.

Kamakurakokomae Railroad crossing

My last stop in Kamakura was Kamakurakokomae Station. The railroad crossing here was featured in the opening scene of a popular Japanese comic (manga) called “Slam Dunk”, and sees fans flocking here for the perfect photo-op or scene recreation.

Kamakurakokomae Station

But more than being a manga location, this was a beautiful ride on a retro train, with sweeping ocean views. I got off the train here to take some photos before getting back on the next train and making my way back to Tokyo.

My day trip to Kamakura was short and sweet and one that I enjoyed very much. I remember the smell of the ocean, the delicious taste of my first onigiri and the beautiful scenery all around. Kamakura was worth a day trip from Tokyo for me, I only wished I stayed longer to watch the sunset on the beach.

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  1. As I’ve never been to or heard of Kamakura, I read your post with great interest! I love your colourful photos and how the picturesque town is filled to the brim with ocean views, old shrines and temples, and delicious local food. Thanks for sharing and inspiring – Kamakura is now securely on my travel wish list 🙂 Aiva xx

  2. A bit of a contrast with Tokyo. Nice to be beside the sea for a while.