If you’re looking for a quick and easy getaway from your daily hustle in Lagos, the Lakowe Lakes Golf and Country Estate, a 308-hectare residential golf estate located at Lakowe, may just be what the doctor ordered.

I got to spend this past weekend hanging out with Mofe, Lola and a few friends from the Nigerian tourism scene at the golf estate, courtesy FilmoRealty and boy, did we have a good time!

Lakowe LakesLakowe Lakes

Getting to Lakowe Lakes…

We arrived at the facility after a 30-minute bus ride from Jakande. It was pretty much a straight drive from there and we made only one left turn to get into the road that led up to the estate. Upon arrival, our host, Ann-Marie, checked us into our apartments and gave us some time to get settled and have lunch before we began the activities for the day.

The apartments were quite chic and came fully furnished and equipped with everything we needed to make our short stay as comfortable as possible. It had a living room (complete with DSTv subscription and WIFI), dining area, kitchen and a bedroom.

Interior Loft Lakowe LakesLoft Apartments Lakowe LakesSoon enough, it was time to begin the activities on our itinerary. Our first stop was a tour of the facilities managed by FilmoRealty. We had already seen the 1-bed Loft (this was where we stayed), so we checked out the 2 bedroom loft and the cottages. It’s safe to say the cottages were everyone’s favourite.

Lakowe Lakes Cottages Filmorealty Lakowe Lakes Cottages - FilmorealtyOnce we were done with the tour, we went on to the next activities which involved fishing and cruising across the lake in paddle boats. Then it was time for our golf clinic. This was actually so much fun and as it turns out, I am naturally gifted at the game of missing the golf ball. I dare you to challenge me! I DARE YOU!

Lakowe Lakes Paddle BoatsUnravelling_Nigeria_Lakowe_Golf[1]Golf Carts Lakowe LakesAfter we had golfed (or attempted to) golf our hearts out, we went back to our apartments for a quick break before having dinner at the clubhouse and wrapping up the day with a movie under the stars…

The next morning, I skipped the morning exercise session but happily made the Instagram bridge photography session with my girls – because, you know health is important but Instagram photos are important-er.

Lakowe Lakes Unravelling Nigeria NomadsLakowe Lakes BridgeOur stay came to an end shortly after that. We had an excellent time and I’m sure you will if you do get to visit.

Some points to note…

  • You would need to dress appropriately for the golfing sessions. Try not to think of this as a chore, rather think of it as playing dress-up :). You’ll need a good shirt with a collar (think Polo shirts), nice khaki pants or shorts and good shoes. And serious golfers wear face caps, yeah? You need that too 🙂
  • You should also pack anti-bug spray or long pants and shirts to prevent insect bites when walking around the premises
  • The lofts and cottages are self-catering, so BYOB. Otherwise, you can patronize the clubhouse restaurant.
  • If you’re planning your own getaway, the flowing costs apply;
  • The 1 bedroom apartments cost ₦50,000 per night, while the 2 bedroom apartments cost ₦70,000 per night. FilmoRealty currently offers a 10% discount on these rates for a group of 6 or more people.
  • The studio cottage cost ₦60,000/night and the 1 bedroom cottage costs ₦65,000/night
  • Green Fees go for ₦10,000 from Tuesdays to Thursdays and ₦20,000 from Fridays to Sundays
  • Golf Lessons costs ₦15,000 for a 45-minute session and the golf clinic (minimum of 10 people) costs ₦150,000

Lakowe Lakes Golf and country estateWhat do you think about this Golf Estate? Have you been there or would you love to visit? Let me know in the comment section below;

A big thank you to FilmoRealty for hosting us and to Naija Nomads for the plug!

I love to hear from you, Leave a comment here!


  1. There’s nothing said about food .so boring…is there a kind of restaurant or a place for a dinner date without lodging.life is food.

    • There is “something said about food”. If you had read the post in its entirety, you should have seen that I mentioned that the lofts and cottages are SELF-CATERING, which means that you bring your own food. There is a restaurant on premises (as the post also states). This blog is a personal website and I retain the liberty to write based on my personal experiences. I surely cannot cover everything and as you have seen a gap, maybe you could visit and write your own *exciting* account about your experience and food.

  2. This place is lovely. However, for the apartment , Is there a place to book it? How to I plan my activities, do I need to pre-book them? Is there a website to book this?

  3. This is really beautiful, now I really want to visit there. Everything was self explanatory, perfect location for a retreat

  4. Looks nice… how many people per cottage and apartment ?

    Keeps serving us legs on the gram😊

    • I guess it depends on the number of rooms per apartment. The 1BR lofts takes care of 2 people while the 2BR would do for 4. Re Legs on the gram: this is my civic duty!

  5. It looks so cute and serene. like a perfect weekend getaway from the chaos of Lagos! love the idea of movies on the lawn.

  6. I’ll really like to go here before the year ends, it looks really nice. I enjoyed this post as well.