My Nigerian passport renewal process took just one day! Yes, you read that right but that’s not even the best part.

If you are a Nigerian citizen, whether at home or abroad, you must have had your fair share of *ahem* frustrating experiences with unnecessary bureaucracy in parastals across the country. Whether it’s trying to open up a new bank account (or close one), getting registered to vote or, changing your name after marriage, there are always several hoops to jump over before getting your desired outcome.

Nigerian Passport Renewal Yellow Card

So, as you can imagine, when it came time to renew my Nigerian passport, I was naturally pensive. The last time I went through this process was when I needed to update my documents after getting married. I wrote about it here and needed to allocate blocks of time to each phase, so I didn’t get overwhelmed.

Nigerian Passport Renewal

Luckily, passport renewal these days involves fewer struggles, especially if one renews a passport received after 2015.

Travelling the world with a Nigerian passport
Travelling the world with a Nigerian passport

This is because one of the prerequisites for getting a new passport is your National Identification Number (NIN). If you are renewing a passport you got after 2015, chances are that you already have this. If you don’t, then you must visit your nearest enrolment centre to register.

How to Renew Your Passport in Nigeria or Abroad

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The first step to renewing your passport is to visit the site. This is where you will fill out the passport renewal form, select your processing centre, book your biometric capture appointment and make the necessary payments.

You will need the following documents for both the online and physical submission at the immigration office:

Nigerian Passport Renewal: Requirements

  • Filled out form from
  • A letter with this subject – APPLICATION FOR RENEWAL OF PASSPORT; addressed to: The Assistant Comptroller General, Passport and Other Travel Document, Nigeria Immigration Service, Abuja.
  • Your original passport
  • Copy of passport data page
  • 2 passport photos
  • Copy of payment receipt
  • Copy of your birth certificate
  • Copy of Local Government certificate
  • Copy of marriage certificate (if married)

The process is straightforward once you have chosen your location and it is the same for applicants applying within Nigeria or abroad. The price point and options available, however, are vastly different.

Naira costs

Nigerian Passport Renewal Fees

As of this writing, Nigerians renewing their passports in the country can get a 32 or 64-page passport with a validity of 5 and 10 years respectively. The 32-page 5Y passport costs ₦35,000 while the 64-page 10Y passport costs ₦70,000.

If you apply abroad, you only get the 32-page 5Y passport, which costs a whopping $150! With the current exchange rate, that’s three times more than the cost of the 64-page passport.

Nigerian Passport Renewal: My Experience in Kenya

I renewed my passport in Kenya and the process was simple and efficient. I was also pleasantly surprised with the service at the High Commission.

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The staff were all pleasant and polite – and I know this should be the standard but I have PTSD from previous interactions with Nigerian establishments. I submitted my documents in person and waited in a nice comfortable office for my biometrics.

A day later, I received a call to pick up my new passport. Ideally, this process takes 2 working days – which is still great in my books. However, there was an upcoming public holiday and rather than making applicants wait longer, they opted to release them earlier.

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In summary, I can say that I am pleased with the process and the introduction of the digital portal. I can only hope it stays this way at the very least and Nigerians, both home and abroad, enjoy a seamless passport renewal experience.

Please share your Nigerian passport renewal experience and timelines in the comment section below. And if you have any questions, leave them in the comment section and I’ll get back to you!

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  1. I couldn’t believe it when I read you got it in one day! I applied for mine for the first time and got it in 3 weeks. I picked up yesterday and everyone has been asking how I did it. Maybe I will make a post too just like you did.

    • Yeah, I was very surprised too! But super glad it happened that way. I would certainly love to read about your experience when you write about it!

  2. I’m glad you had a hitch-free experience. This really seems too good to be true. Could it be because you are in Kenya? Do you know if this is the same for new requests? Let’s hope this is sustained.

    PS. Was your old passport retained?

    • Thank you, Cuz. And yes, I couldn’t believe it, even after I received the passport! It was like I was waiting for the other shoe to drop. But thank God it all went well.

      I’ve heard good experiences from people renewing (and getting a new passport) in Nigeria as well. Especially people renewing in less popular states/places. For example, in Lagos, anywhere outside Ikoyi seems to be faster.

      As for the old passport, it is not retained but they put a “cancelled without prejudice” stamp on it.