Given a free weekend in Pointe-Noire, I decided I’d check out the city a little. While researching what to do, I read a few articles I came across on the internet. Most recommended going out to the beach, so naturally, that was my first stop.

Breakfast Pointe-Noire

Because of my impeccable sense of direction and French-speaking skills, I wound up taking about 30 minutes for what should have been a 5 minutes trip. The beach was literally a 5-minute walking distance from my accommodation. Only when I was faced with seaport and Immigration Officers did I realize that I was heading the wrong way!

But all is well that ends well, I found myself at the beach moments later.

Pointe-Noire Beach

Hanging out at Côte Sauvage, Pointe-Noire…

Except for a few photographers and children, the beach was practically empty when I got there. It was also very clean. I walked around a bit, watched people surf and tried to make conversations in ‘broken’ French. Then, I headed to the Yes Club restaurant to get breakfast.

Breakfast Pointe-Noire Breakfast by the beach PNR

After breakfast, I walked around some more and checked out a few art shops before heading back to the guest house. My colleagues had offered to take me to Les Gorges de Diosso, a canyon located just outside Pointe-Noire. We weren’t able to make it down the same day but we visited the following day.

Pointe-Noire Art

The drive to the Diosso Gorges (Les Gorges de Diosso) was about an hour (maybe slightly less). We passed by a few villages and a beautiful road lined with several trees. My colleague told me they were planted a few years back by a private company in Pointe-Noire.

Congo Brazzaville

Les Gorges de Diosso…

We arrived at the Diosso Gorges – which was quite stunning and spent a few minutes admiring it from the viewpoint. There were a few locals manning entry into the area and we had to pay a fee to gain access.

They also told us we could pay for a guide to lead us down for a hike but we had to decline as it was quite late.

Les Gorges de Diosso Les Gorges De Diosso lookout

We left the gorges and made one last stop at another beach from where we could see the ‘Black Point’ – a place that inspired the city’s name.

Beach Congo

From there, we headed to a local restaurant for dinner and an insightful conversation with a few other colleagues. And then, we called it a day.

Chez bia Pointe-Noire

Technically, this was 48 hours in Pointe-Noire but I could have easily fit everything into a single day. 🙂

24 hours in Pointe-Noire


Where | Central Africa

Capital City | Brazzaville

Official Language | French

Currency | Central African C.F.A (1$ = 585.38 CFA)

Population | 5.261 million (2017)

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  1. Thanks for sharing your adventure in my hometown with the rest of the world. Love it 😘

  2. looks like a beautiful and deserted part of the world! I’ve always wondered what this country was like as you don’t see much info out there for travellers for this part of Africa.

  3. Hahaa… the 30 minute walk to the beach. that fish and plantain looks good!!!

    • Sis! I need to find a solution! At least I got to see some other parts of the city I would not have necessarily gone to. So hey, Lemonades!

  4. I live for long walks on the beach! They are so serene and therapeutic for the mind and soul. It must have been nice to be lodged within walking distance of the sandy shoreline. Looks like you really had a good time in Congo overall. –

  5. Nice one Amarachi. I feel like I’m learning lots about Africa through you! Also, it’s lovely to hear about Congo Brazzaville as lots of my friends are from Kinshasa!


    • Thanks Madeline! I’m also learning so much about the continent through these opportunities to travel through it and enjoying sharing my experiences with you and everyone else who reads 🙂