Hey Nigerians! This one is for you! You know how you travel and just see a Nigerian abroad and you give them that ‘I see you bro’ look? Like you just know they’re Nigerian even without saying a word. Or sometimes, you have your doubts and then they do something and you’re like ‘that’s totally a Nigerian!’ Haha, we made a video about that and it is a fun one.

We’re talking about all those funny little things we do abroad. We laugh about everything from packing our entire homes to the extra accent we get so you know ‘we just got back’, I’m sure you’ll find at least one thing you can relate with.

This vlog was so much fun to shoot and we really hope you’ll join the conversation on our channel. Let us know how you spot your fellow Nigerian when you travel, or even something you do that is totally Nigerian and don’t forget to subscribe too!

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