Are you a travel blogger having a bad case of writer’s block? Trust me, we have all been there. For a lot of bloggers who do not travel full time or who haven’t been able to travel in a while, creating content for your travel blogs can be quite difficult. But the good news is that it doesn’t have to be.

I believe there is an endless amount of topics you can come up with as a travel blogger and I will highlight just a few of them in this post. The great thing about this list is that you can use it for previous trips you’ve taken in the past and you can also apply it to multiple destinations as you get to travel more. So, if you ever feel stuck in a rut or find yourself having a case of the dreaded writer’s block, here’s a list of 60 fantastic and practical blog post ideas to get your creative juices flowing again.

Lagos Travel Blogger Starter Outing Ideas…

travel blog post ideas

For the purpose of this blog post, I assume that you are a travel blogger who has already begun travelling. This guide will help even if you have not been to a lot of places. I’ve decided to use a case study of a Lagos-based travel blogger who has visited at least 10 places (including restaurants) within the city. I’ve highlighted places that are relatively easy and cheap to explore for every budget.

  • Nike Art Gallery
  • Lekki Conservation Centre
  • National Theatre
  • Lekki Arts and Crafts Market
  • Balogun Market (or any market close to you)
  • A mall in Lagos
  • A beach location
  • 3 Restaurants (RSVP, Ofada Boy, The Place)

Using the above destinations as a guide, I have come up with 60 travel blog post ideas you could possibly write about. Depending on the theme of your blog, some of them may not apply but I am sure you’ll find that most of them do. So kiss that writer’s block goodbye and start creating!

Destination Guides Based on Your Experiences

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  1. A complete guide to visiting Nike Art Gallery
  2. The ultimate Lekki Conservation Centre Guide
  3. My experience visiting the National Theatre in Lagos
  4. What to do at the Ikeja City Mall
  5. A visit to Jara Beach Resort
  6. A complete guide to visiting the Lekki Arts and Crafts Market
  7. Restaurant Review: RSVP
  8. Restaurant Review: Ofada Boy
  9. Restaurant Review: The Place
  10. What to pack for a trip to Lagos
  11. The best time to visit Lagos
  12. Transportation in Lagos: The best way to get around the city
  13. Where to buy cheap ankara material in Lagos

Destination Guides Based on What You Know or Can Research About

  1. Where to find the best malls in Lagos
  2. The most Instagram worthy spots in Lagos
  3. Day trips to make from Lagos
  4. Weekend trips to make from Lagos
  5. The best budget-friendly restaurants in Lagos
  6. The best restaurants in Lagos for a date night
  7. Where to stay during a visit to Lagos
  8. Where to find the best parks in Lagos
  9. This weekend in Lagos: parties, tours and news, etc


Listicles (List articles) are probably the cheat code of the travel blogging world. They are literally the easiest types of blog posts to write and the best part is that readers love them too! Nevertheless, I’d be careful about churning them out too often. My blog’s appeal, for example, is my personal stories and listicles sometimes seem like spam.

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  1. A list of beach resorts to visit in Lagos
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  7. 5 street foods to try in Lagos
  8. 10 ways to know you’re a true Lagosian
  9. 20 hidden tourist spots on the mainland

‘How To’ Posts

Here are some ‘How To’ posts on Travel with a Pen

  1. How to travel from Lagos Mainland to the Island and vice versa
  2. How to apply for a Nigerian passport in Lagos
  3. How much to budget for a Lagos daycation
  4. How to spend 24 hours in Lagos
  5. How to start a travel blog
  6. How to travel while working a full-time job
  7. How to save money for travel


Here an example of my opinion posts

  1. Why Nigeria needs to amp up local tourism
  2. How would the Coronavirus change the way we travel?
  3. Lessons I’ve learnt from travelling in Nigeria
  4. Getting rid of the travel blues: How to travel when you’re not travelling

Shout Out Posts & Interviews

  1. 10 Nigerian Travel Blogs to binge on this weekend
  2. An interview with Amarachi of Travel with a Pen
  3. Blog Takeover: Fola’s Waka in Mombassa
  4. 5 Travel Bloggers talk about #travellingwhileNigerian
  5. 10 Nigerian travel Instagram accounts to follow
  6. A list of my favourite internet finds this week/month
  7. Lagosians Talk About ‘anything

Current Happenings

  1. This week: In Travel News
  2. A list of countries who have opened up their borders for travel
  3. COVID-19: Travel requirements for visitors coming into Nigeria
  4. Earth Day 2021: A call to ‘Restore our Earth’

General Travel Tips

Here are some of my best travel tips

  1. Tips for travelling in and around Lagos
  2. Solo travel tips for female travellers
  3. Travel Fashion: What to wear on a trip to Erin Ijesha
  4. Scary or Funny Travel Stories
  5. Skin Care: A review of the Travel with a Pen Sunscreen
  6. My favourite travel apps
  7. Learning a new language for travel

As you might have guessed, this is by no means an exhaustive list. You can write about life changes: like moving to a new city, or an aggregation of your year in travel. You can write about recipes of food from your city or about the last fun hangout or party you attended. My point is that there are no limits and you don’t have to be on the road 247 to create travel contents for your blog. On mine, I aim for 4 posts a month, so if I write on every topic of the list, I would have content for more than 1 year!

Tell me, are you currently struggling with writer’s block or coming up with blog posts for your travel blog? Does this list help?

I love to hear from you, Leave a comment here!


  1. Undiscovered Gems in Your Own Town. It serves as a reminder that fascinating travel experiences aren’t always limited to far-flung locales. I appreciate your inspiration.

  2. Superb post! I’m constantly looking for new topics for travel blogs, and this list is great.

  3. I have a lot to write about, but I’ve had to deprioritize (is that a word) with a bunch of other things going on. Thank you these pointers, let me receive inspiration lol. However, I found that once I lost that rhythm, coming back has been harder than I thought. In the meantime, I’ve been loving reading up on your blog posts, I just finally decided to go on a commenting binge today, obviously!

    • Haha, thanks for the commenting binge and catching up on the posts. I feel the same way you do about trying to get back into the rhythm (but with Instagram). After my break, I’ve been leaning towards abandoning it completely but I’m trying to find a schedule that works. I can also totally relate to the blogging struggle – especially while having a full-time job and running your podcast. You could promote the podcast with a new blog post, no? In any case, I’m looking forward to reading all your new posts!

      • Hmmm 🤔 great point o . I should write a post about the podcast !!!! Thank you. I’ll write a blog post or two in November . I need to just start to get back in the rhythm

  4. These are great ideas for everyday bloggers that can’t travel right now especially because of the Covid-19 pandemic Amarachi. I’ll save this for later and maybe I have to cut down my listicle posts like you’ve advised. I have quite a lot!

  5. Yeah struggling with writer’s block. The tips are super helpful, thank you so much.

    There are some blog posts of some tours I’m supposed to write but the device which the pictures are on crashed, which is so painful.

    This post has helped unlock some creativity for other posts to work on.

    • Oh, so sorry to hear about your device crashing. There might still be a way to retrieve the contents in it, you could try looking into that. Glad this post helps to get you writing again before you sort that out.