From debates about what it means to be considered a ‘traveller’ as opposed to being a ‘tourist’ to arguments about whether or not slow travel is the most authentic way to experience a city or enjoy a vacation, there are some discussions that always manage to pop up from time to time within the travel community.

But can we all agree to disagree on these issues? Suggestions and perhaps, a slight nudge in a certain direction are always welcomed but I personally think that no one person should dictate what your preference should be. I guess in a way, I haven’t been exactly innocent.

travel community issues

I sometimes wonder why a (Nigerian) person would brave hideous visa application processes, spend a considerable amount of money on flight tickets, take a 6hr+ flight to some exotic destination and then spend their entire time in hotel rooms or shopping only!

The truth is that there is no right or wrong way to travel and even though I like to encourage people to travel the way I do, I understand that this might not be their preference and it is okay. (But please, don’t spend your entire holiday in your hotel! :))

Anyway, on the latest episode of everything travel, Through Our Eyes, Mofe, Fola and I discuss about some of these issues and we would love to hear from you! Join the conversation on our YouTube channel. Leave us a comment and please don’t forget to subscribe & share!

Are you team-fast or team-slow travel? Luxury traveller or backpacker? (Can anyone guess which team I’m on?).

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