Over Easter, my sister and I embarked on a Nigeria Ghana road trip from Lagos to Accra via Grand Popo and Lome. We spent 2 days in Grand Popo, Benin, half a day in Lome, Togo and a total of 6 days in Accra and Cape Coast, Ghana. This cost breakdown is based solely on our experience and is only intended for trip planning and to present a fair idea of how much to budget.

All prices stated here are either approximate values or exact values at the time of this writing. If you have recently embarked on this trip, leave me a comment here and I’ll update the pricing on this post.

Nigeria Ghana Road Trip: Stop 1 – Benin Republic

grand popo karen

I have previously written a breakdown for Benin when I visited Fidjrosse and Ouidah for N20,000 only. You can find that here. This time, my sister and I stayed in Grand Popo and here’s a breakdown of our trip.


Getting from Lekki to Seme: We took a bus to CMS  for N200, to Mile 2 for N400 and Badagry for N800 (See the detailed route here). A shared taxi from Badagry took us to the Seme border for N300.

Getting to Grand Popo from Seme: We grabbed a bike from the border into the town for N400 and a shared taxi into Cotonou for 1,000cefa each. Then another taxi from Cotonou to Grand Popo for 2,500cefa each.

Crossing the Seme Border

Crossing the border should be free but unfortunately, it isn’t. What this means is that you can and should haggle your way through immigration if you must get your passport stamped. Or be prepared to wait for hours if you refuse to pay. Crossing the border for the first time attracts a different fee from an ‘old crosser’. You need a valid passport and yellow card to cross these borders. Here’s what to expect.

On the Nigerian side:

There are about 4 stops/shacks. The first isn’t a stop but they ask for money anyway. You can get away without paying anything there. The second is the ‘Port Health’ stop. If you’re crossing for the first time (with your valid yellow card certificate), they’d ask for N1,500. We paid N1,000 for my sister. I didn’t have to pay.

The next stop is where you ‘register your passport’ (LOL, even writing this is ridiculous!). Anyway, first-timers pay N500. I don’t think you can haggle your way out of paying this. After that is the ‘immigration office’. They asked for a total of N1,000 in the two rooms. We paid N500. And that was all for the Nigerian side.

On the Beninese Side:

There are three stops. First is the main immigration office. PS: Don’t pay money to the guys outside the shack if you want to get your passport stamped. The price for first-timers is N2,000 and the old-timers are N500. Next is the Port Health stop. The price for first-timers is N1,000. (I paid N500, my first time). Old-timers go for free. Last is a bike stop where first-timers pay another N500.

Of course, you can escape all of this by taking a standard bus from Lagos. They manage all the border formalities on your behalf.

Accommodation, Feeding & Entertainment: Nigeria Ghana Road Trip

auberge de grand popo
auberge de grand popo

We stayed at the Auberge de Grand Popo and it cost us N40,000 for two nights (including lunch on arrival day and breakfast for 2 days). Lunch on day 2 cost us N4,000.

We didn’t get up to much in Grand Popo as we had money issues but we got an offer to tour some key places for N7,000.

(Scroll down for an overview)

Nigeria Ghana Road Trip: Stop2- Ghana

I love accra


Getting to Accra from Grand Popo: We took a motor taxi (bike) from our hotel to the Hillacondji border for N1,400. After crossing the border, we shared a taxi to a stop in Lome and a motor taxi to the Aflao border. The cost was N2,400. From the Aflao border, we hopped on an STC bus into Accra for N4,000.

Getting from Accra to Cape Coast and back: Our onward journey with STC was billed at N3,800, while our return journey with another service cost us N5,000.

Our return journey to Lagos from Accra using ABC transport service cost us N21,600 each.

Crossing the Hillacondji & Aflao Borders

On the Benin Republic side, there’s just one stop and first-timers are asked for 2,000cefa. It’s the same on the Togo side as well. For the Aflao border, I can’t say much because we crossed for free. But we were asked for 3,000cefa each on the Togo side.

(See, only a few lines. Seme border is the worst!)

Accommodation, Feeding & Entertainment

urbano hotel
We got a pretty sweet upgrade at Urbano hotel

Our first three nights were spent at a guest house in Accra. We paid N6,000/night. Then we moved to Urbano hotel which cost us N35,000/night and in Cape Coast, we stayed at Almond Tree Guest House for N16,500/night. We spent our last night in a lovely apartment hotel (Earl Heights), hosted by Meyiwa & Juliana.

banku fish
Ghana Jollof rice

We spent a total of N25,000 on food and another N30,000 on tours in Accra and Cape Coast.

Total Costs for a Nigeria Ghana Road Trip

Here’s an overview of everything we spent on our Nigeria to Ghana Road Trip;

Nigeria to Ghana Road Trip

Again, this is solely based on our experience. Therefore, these prices may differ due to various reasons.

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  1. How much is the total cost from Lagos to Ghana now

  2. Awolowo Onino

    I wish I could see u in person to say thanks and do many demonstrations cause I don’t really knw the ryt word dat fits best to say thank U for dis very easy understanding trip breakdown….U don’t knw hw grateful I’m Oo
    Buh God Go Bless u oo Well Well..Amen

  3. A very detailed account. I tried couch surfing after reading your other write up on travelling through two countries on a budget. It was a great experience for me. However, the issue of payment at borders is prohibited. I knew it was illegal and I was determined not to give a dime. I went to Benin Republic from Lagos, and it was my first time using my passport…of course they tried to get me to pay at the Seme border but I stood my ground and didn’t offer a kobo. They angrily stamped and gave it back to me. Both on the Nigerian and Beninese side. Well, they asked me what I do, and I said I’m a lawyer. I don’t know if that made any difference. I’ll be travelling to Ghana next week. I intend not to pay a dime at any border. I’ll let you know what my experience is like. Great work! Keep it up!

    • That’s great to hear, Becky. Kudos to you for standing your ground! Can’t wait to read about your Ghana (and border) experience.

  4. Hello Amarachi,

    This is a well-written article. I intend to go to cape coast soonest and you have provided so much info for a budget traveller. Please, how did you get to pay the entry fee for the locals?

    • Thanks, Darasimi. The driver who took us there helped negotiate this rate for us.

      • Is it possible for me to get the current costs from you?

        • Hi Toms, I haven’t visited Ghana in a while but I think this post provides the framework for your to define recent costs.

          You can check ABC or GUO’s websites for current transportation costs and then check bookig.com for accommodation. The rest should be easy to budget. Due to inflation, you may need to double all the costs of food and activities.

    • Did you end up going to Ghana and when? How was the cost? I wish I could contact you. I plan on travelling solo, don’t know if that will be safe.

  5. Hi, thanks for this great information, you have seriously done a great work and this has really helped me in my planning. God bless you, please keep it up.

  6. Oladimeji Saka

    To be honest, from the layout of the blog I knew the content would be exceptional. I love how you detailed everything; creating a thirst to travel later. The pictures are of good quality and you even went far to use Excel. That’s so much hard work there. I’m impressed. Please don’t stop. Keep it up!

  7. Richard Kashala

    Thank you for the response I actually find a nice company that travel to Benin and Togo… The company is cross country.

  8. Good day Amarachi. Thanks for this beautiful piece. Please do u know how much they charge from mile 2 to accra and possibly the contact of any driver there. thanks and God bless…

    • Hi Nono, I’m not sure if (regular public) buses or taxis go directly to Accra from Mile 2. I’ve only gone to Seme from that park. My guess for the fare will be around ₦8,000 to ₦10,000. If you take a bus like ABC and the likes (if they have a terminal there), then it will be higher.

  9. Richard Kashala

    Hi there,

    Can you recommend a bus company that travel to Cotonou I tried the ABC none of their number are working.

    • Hi Richard, you can try going directly to their office instead. There are other bus services around the same area too – you can try Africa Eagle (I’ve never used them but I hear they are good).

  10. Nice work Amarachi. Gives me some good bases to make plans.

  11. Will it be better to do my exchange of naira in Ghana or I do it right in Nigeria before I travel

    • I believe the rates at the borders are fair. I haven’t heard of anyone changing Naira to Cedis in Nigeria before travelling. I don’t think the BDC guys do that. It’s usually a dollar, pounds and Euro exchange they specialize in.

  12. Olajide Emmanuel

    Thanks Amarachi for the detailed review.

    I am planning to attend a wedding in Ghana, I am in the middle of selecting which bus service to travel with. From your review I will prefer the STC intercity buses. I want to know if there are other comfortable bus service to consider. Thank you.

    • Hi Olajide, thanks for your comment. I don’t think STC operates from Lagos if this is where you are travelling from. I have tried ABC and attempted to use Cross Country in the past. Cross Country was an epic fail and ABC was slightly better. The bus services in Nigeria are very inconsistent. Sometimes, they’re good, other times, terrible. Basically, I can’t recommend any. You just have to weigh the pros and cons of each one and decide

  13. Hi Amarachi,thanks alot for this breakdown.
    So my question is this,do you get a stamp on your passport at every border?

    • Hello Hilda, yes you do. In and out of each country. Be sure to confirm that your passport has been stamped before leaving each country. If you go through the Seme border without getting a stamp, you would have issues with the authorities at the Hillacondji and Aflao borders. Of course, there’s a way to settle all disputes – African style but it’s just best to avoid anything to make your trip any more stressful that it would already be.

      Also remember that if you go with a bus company, they would handle this on your behalf. (Apart from Hillacondji where you have to physically cross the border on foot, you stay in the bus while they get your passport stamped)

  14. Just reviewing this for a friend’s upcoming trip and it’s such a detailed and helpful post — thank you so much!

    • Thank you, LK. Happy you found the post helpful 🙂 I’m sure with friends like you, every trip would be stress free and wonderful

  15. So how long will it take to get an international passport

    • I don’t know what the official time is. I’ve seen people get theirs in 2days or less while some take months to get. I guess the best answer would come from the immigration office where you intend to apply from.