I’m a firm believer of ‘writing down the vision’ and speaking things into existence. And why wouldn’t I be? I’ve had enough experiences to make me a believer.

Last year, I wrote a blog post about managing travel downtime periods, and in that post, I mentioned how I was longing to visit Egypt. Barely a year later, I got an opportunity to work in Cairo for three months! And this is just one example.

Keeping that in mind, I’ve decided to put up this list of some of the countries I’d love to visit in the coming year, you know, cos the universe listens and all 🙂

Obviously, this isn’t a comprehensive list and I would never pass up the opportunity to go one that isn’t listed.  But just for the fun of it, here are 10 places to visit in 2019 and beyond…


I had originally intended to visit Kenya as part of a trip to Tanzania. My sister and I eventually left it out due to time and budget reasons. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a trip there in 2019.

Edit 2020: I live here now! 🙂 Follow my adventures in Kenya via this link.


There are many reasons to love this beautiful African country. The stunning landscapes and mountain trekkings are just some of them. Rwanda has made significant progress in her development over the last few years and this is so exciting to see.

I have paper plans to visit, in addition to two other East African countries next year. Ideally, I would love to do a Kenya-Rwanda-Uganda combination. But this will depend again, on time and my budget.


A few years ago, before I got bitten by the travel bug, I got an opportunity to travel to Namibia. I spent a day in Windhoek and Walvis Bay and another month off the coast of Walvis Bay. And when that month was over, I packed my bags and left.

I was oblivious to what Namibia had to offer but now, I know better. I’m looking forward to going back to explore the country more.


I have been intrigued by China (and Japan) for a long time. My major reason for wanting to visit is really to see the Great Wall of China. Hopefully, the visa application process from Nigeria wouldn’t put me off. I hear it can be quite intense.


Japan is my favourite country I’ve never been to. Again, I worry about visa applications but I imagine that whatever stress I have to go through would be worth it to visit this beautiful country.


Turkey is another country that recently came up on my radar, thanks to Naija Nomads. The top places on my list are Istanbul (of course) and Cappadocia.

Edit 2021: Visited Istanbul and Cappadocia in September 2021. It was a wonderful trip!


I can’t really remember when Jordan came up on my travel list but it’s here to stay! I’m looking forward to seeing Petra and exploring Wadi Rum.


I got a positive insight into Iran a few years ago from one of my colleagues who is Iranian. Every once in a while, I’d look up tours that go there but so far, I haven’t mustered the courage to pack up my bags and go. Maybe 2019 will be the year for Iran? We’ll see.


I’m hoping to return to the US next year. My first visit took me to Houston, Texas. Hopefully, this next one will take me to more states, including New York. I’m really excited to go on this particular trip. My last visit was a bit anti-climatic but now that I have Mark, I have high expectations! *No pressure, Mark :)*

Edit 2019: The US was the only country I managed to visit in the year this list was written. I went there twice! My first visit was a 3-week holiday with Mark and then I visited Houston again as part of a work trip.


My ultimate travel dream is to take the Trans-Siberian train from Russia to China. This would take a lot of planning, so I’m really not certain that the epic journey will be feasible this coming year. But hey, I’m going to write it down anyway. This will be a great reference post for when I eventually go on that trip.

If you were given a blank cheque and an open-air ticket to five countries of your choice next year, where would you be jetting off to? Don’t be shy, you never know, the universe may just be listening! 🙂

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  1. christabel ikpen

    Your list is AMAZING!!! Should I just copy yours??? LoL

    My Top 5 countries to visit in the coming year are:

    1, Morocco
    2, Namibia
    3, Kenya
    4, South Africa
    5, Japan

    • All amazing destinations! At this point, we should all just get together and go to Namibia! Or better yet, join the Naija Nomads trip in February…

  2. Love your list. I just want to follow you in 2019 and I’ll be happy . Hope we see you when you come to the USA ! I know I’ll be back in The UK and Nigeria . I want to visit one new country in Africa but it’s hard to pick one so we are still thinking . One place in Central America and if I can end the year In Asia I’ll be happy . Working on the details … sigh !

    Aww Fisayo hugsss thanks for the shoutout !

    • Can’t wait to have my favorite ‘IJGB’ back in NG! :p
      Yes, I hope to see you too in the US although I’ almost certain that you would be out of country when I come.. lol. Excited to follow your travels in 2019 too!

  3. Diusor Odiakosa

    I totally love your list. Five countries on my list for next year are: Namibia, São Tomé and Principe, South Africa, Morocco and Seychelles.

    • I’m happy to see Namibia reoccurring in this post. Univeeeerse!!! Do your thing! haha. Even more excited to see all the countries on your list are African countries. From your lips to God’s ears…

  4. Eyeing the U.S. any plans to make it out to the west coast too? Tee hee. Let me know!!.

    I totally agree with you and I’m all for speaking things into existence! Last year I said if I had to move somewhere I’d love to live in San Francisco. At the time sef, I didn’t think of it as a short-term goal. Now I’m working here.

    If I had that blank cheque, i’d do a few border countries in either Southern Africa or combine cities in Europe!

    In Southern Africa – Namibia, South Africa, Mozambique, Zambia, Tanzania and Kenya. Hoping that one of these at least will happen next year.

    In Europe – Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, and Greece.

    Let’s see what the year brings. Looking forward to seeing more of your travels boo!

    • Oh wow, congrats on San Francisco! I’m so happy to read that. Here’s hoping more of your travel, work, living goals come through in 2019!

  5. Olufisayo Adeleke

    Hey pretty one..
    In order of preference, here goes:
    1. Kenya (because of wellwornheels)
    2. Rwanda (been in my head since I read about the genocide in secondary school, then wellwornheels and hony brought it to life)
    3. Jordan (because I’m looking for Arab prince)
    4. Namibia (because of the AirNamibia flight I took in April)
    5. Vietnam (because of the musical – Miss Saigon)

    I also want to do Rwanda-Kenya….Uganda didn’t make the cut because budget constraints

    • Wellwornheels really went in with Kenya! Jordan would be so worth it! Go and get your Arab Prince, girl! No more cutting off places because of budget constraints!

  6. Absolutely love your list. My travel goals for 2019 are to come back to West Africa and finishing my trip that starts in Nigeria and ends up in Ivory Coast.

    Maybe I’ll go to Europe..if not I’ll continue exploring Africa

    • Still so exciting to read that you’ll be visiting Nigeria again! I’m looking forward to welcoming you here and already wishing you have a wonderful experience touring West Africa.

  7. Lets ditch Dakar and do Iran next year! Your list is super exciting as usual. I’m looking forward to Jordan, I cant wait for that trip. My top 10 will be Thailand, SIngapore, Indonesia, Uzbekistan (thanks to instagram!), Zimbabwe (i’ve always wanted to go), Fiji, Maldives, Comoros Island and Peru!

    • I’m in for Iran! Exciting countries on your list too, I’m also looking forward to visiting Singapore, Thailand and Peru. And yes, Uzbekistan is so in our faces – just like Santorini was a few months ago. lol

  8. Hi Amarachi,

    First, I must say I love what you do. You inspired me to go on my first trip outside Nigeria. I mean, I had always had a list of countries I would love to travel to so I have a feel of them but money had been the major constraint for me. I wasn’t even looking forward to travelling anytime soon but was hoping that maybe one day in 5-10 years I will travel to all of my dream countries.

    Then one day, I bumped into your blog from twitter, I read a post on how you traveled with to Benin with 15k and I was intrigued. I read further and saw another post on how you traveled by road to Ghana. I told myself, this is it. I must start from somewhere and in the middle of the year, I packed my bag and zoomed off to Ghana. In fact, I did 3 countries at a go, Benin-Togo-Ghana. Spent 2 days in each countries. And I’m even planning to go on a trip to Rwanda next year.

    Trust me if I hadn’t read your posts, I would still be hoping that someday in 5-10 years I will eventually travel to at least one country. So here is me saying thank you for doing what you do. Please keep it up!

    If I were given a blank check and an open air ticket to five countries of my choice next year, I would love to visit Namibia, USA, Seychelles, Indonesia and Greece.

    PS: I look forward to go on a trip with you soon 🙂


    • Hi Jay, where to begin?
      I feel so incredibly happy reading your comment. I’ve read it over and over again. Thank you! I’m so excited to read that you actually traveled to Benin, Togo and Ghana. It’ll only keep getting better and more exciting from here.

      We have Namibia, USA (and Rwanda) in common. I hope our wishes come through in the coming year(s)