I sometimes have severe motion sickness when I travel in a car. This happens, as I have come to know, because of mixed signals sent to the brain by the eyes, inner ears and sensory nerves. When one of these senses motion that the others don’t, it can lead to a conflict ‘upstairs’ and this conflict can lead to nausea.

Motion sickness can ruin an entire trip and it is the last thing anyone needs while trying to have a wonderful time. Some people get sick on board airplanes or ships, thankfully, I don’t but I have had a few nasty experiences while traveling in a car.

I really began to look for ways to deal with this during my trip to India as I was going to be chauffeur driven most of the time. My first day on that tour wasn’t that great, even though I tried to manage it. By the second day, I made a few changes and saw big improvements. Here are some tips I would recommend.

1. Ride shotgun

Motion Sickness - 10 ways to deal with it

If you can, take the front seat of the car. ‘Experts’ advise people prone to car sickness to sit facing the road ahead. I have to say here though that this does not guarantee you wouldn’t get sick at all but based on my experience, it reduces the chances that you will. When I sit at the back, I try to avoid looking out of the window as the car moves or I take the middle seat where I have a line of vision to the road.

2. Take Ginger or ginger based products

I usually just have a piece of ginger and I munch this along the way. I also take a lot of mints too. (Side note: I really miss Trebbor)

3. Use Medication

Talk to a doctor or pharmacist, they would be able to recommend something for you.

4. Allow in some fresh air

This does wonders!

Motion Sickness - 10 ways to deal with it

5. Avoid eating or drinking too much

While you definitely want to eat something before your trip, you should allow enough time before you get into the car.

6. Avoid reading while the car is moving

This includes texting or scrolling through your phone or other devices.

7. If you’re in a position to, drive instead

I never get sick when I drive.

8. Take regular breaks

Typically, you will stop feeling sick when the motion stops.

9. Use an eye mask or dark glasses

10. Take a nap

When all else fails, try to take a nap. Granted, you might be missing a lot of the scenery but at least, you’ll  feel great when you get to your destination.

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