Last updated on March 22nd, 2017; Published on September 15th, 2016

Touch down Tanzania. Finally. My sister and I have had a pretty interesting journey getting here. First, our flight from Lagos left an hour late, so we missed our connecting flight to Kilimanjaro. We flew with Kenya Airways and they rescheduled us to another flight three hours later.

That was also delayed by another two hours but for the most part, the trip was alright until it was time to land in Kilimanjaro International Airport. The runway lights weren’t working, so we had to circle for more than ten minutes!

We ended up getting to Tanzania by 2am and had a bit of confusion with immigrations. We were mistaken for Nigeriens and asked for a referral visa. It didn’t take long to clear that up though, so we got through quickly. (Visa is on arrival and costs $50 for Nigerians at the time of this post).

Our trip is in two parts; we will be going on several game drives for the next few days with a company called ‘Safari Big 5’. We were met at the airport by our driver, Patrick. I like him already. The next phase is in Zanzibar – that, I’ve had to plan by myself to reduce our overall costs.

Unfortunately, we won’t be  meeting the annual wildebeest migration. I was really looking forward to that but we’re keeping our fingers crossed for a wonderful stay here!

Read about our first week and second week. And look out for our costs breakdown, travel itinerary and guides.

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