Travel and a regular “9-5” do not have to be mutually exclusive.  A lot of people would love to have long continuous travel periods but that is often not affordable – both cost and time-wise. It’s not uncommon to hear of people who quit their day jobs to travel the world but then again, if you can’t afford to, you shouldn’t have to. You can maintain a healthy travel life without forfeiting your day job.

Here’s how; 

Begin at Home

Lekki Conservation Center, Nigeria
Lekki Conservation Center, Nigeria

Explore the sights and sounds of the city you currently live in. See your home through the eyes of a tourist. I find that the closer someone lives to a place or certain (tourist) attractions, the less likely they’ll be to visit it. I guess we figure we can always check it out at any time. But exploring your city can be very rewarding and it’s something you can do while you work. 

Make the most out of official trips

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi

Some jobs offer the opportunity to make local or international trips. Take time out (if you can) to explore the city you’re in. It only makes sense to do so after travelling all the way. 

Plan your Vacations Better

Camps Bay & the 12 Apostles, South Africa

Take deliberate vacations. Try planning your time off around public holidays and long weekends. That way, you get a longer vacation period by taking only a few days off work. 

Take Day & Weekend Trips

Idanre Hills, Nigeria

Make the most out of the weekends by taking trips to states and cities within close proximity to where you live. From Lagos alone, you can visit over thirty destinations by road well within a one or two day time frame.

*I’ll be making a comprehensive list about these places soon and will update this post once I do.

Travel Regionally

There are so many places to explore locally and regionally. Take advantage of proximity and plan your (longer) vacations to destinations within Nigeria and Africa. You get shorter travel time for most places which translates to more time spent on your actual vacation.
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