The Seychelles Islands are a notoriously expensive destination to visit. I remember being taken aback by the sheer cost of the flight from Nairobi to Mahe. To put things in context, the 3hr flight within the same East African region cost me much more than a 7hr flight to Europe for the same timeframe. But can travellers visit Seychelles on a budget?

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The relatively short answer is yes, but it depends on what you define as “budget travel”. If we are talking about being generally price-conscious and looking for ways to reduce expenses, then any country can be visited on a budget. However, if we define it as spending a certain amount per day (for example $50), then Seychelles may not necessarily fit that definition.

Let’s go with the former definition and since we have already established that this Island country is not cheap to visit, let’s explore a few ways to visit on a relatively reasonable budget.

Tips for Visiting Seychelles on a Budget

Best beaches to visit in La Digue

1. Consider travelling during off-peak periods

This one is a no-brainer for visiting any destination around the world. Flights and accommodations are generally more expensive during peak travel seasons. For Seychelles, this could fall within the summer months, between June and August. Holidays are also quite popular and come with prices to reflect that.

But because Seychelles is an all-year-round destination, you might need to play around with your dates a bit to find a time that fits your budget.

Luckily, this is one destination Nigerians can visit spontaneously as it offers visa-free entry (with conditions) for all nationalities.

2. Book in advance

You can often find better flight and accommodation deals if you book far out in advance. This will ultimately help to cut down costs, save you some money and allow you to visit Seychelles on a budget.

Grand Anse Praslin

Tip: You can use flight aggregators or trackers like Google Flights to track changing flight prices and find a price range that fits your budget.

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3. Choose a budget-friendly accommodation

Apart from the cost of flight tickets, accommodation costs are one of the biggest price drivers for any holiday experience and that includes Seychelles. All around the islands, you will find luxurious accommodation options with a hefty price tag in tow.

For budget-conscious travellers, guesthouses and self-catering apartments tend to be more affordable.

Accommodation in La Digue Seychelles on a budget

If you’re considering where to stay, has a range of accommodation options available. During my trip, my favourite accommodations were Kot Babi Guesthouse (La Digue) and Precious Residence C (Mahe). I also stayed at Lemongrass Lodge in Beau Vallon, Mahe and thought it was good value for money.

4. Eat at Takeaways

Another way to successfully visit Seychelles on a budget is either to self-cater or dine at takeaways. Many takeaways, as they are called on the islands, sell delicious creole meals at relatively affordable prices. This is certainly a great way to save some money as eating out in restaurants tends to add up a lot.

5. Opt for Free Activities

There is no shortage of beautiful beaches on the Seychelles Islands. You can easily spend your days simply roaming from one beach to another.

There are numerous gorgeous hiking trails to choose from and they all lead to fantastic beaches! If you are keen on visiting Seychelles on a budget, then skip expensive organized tours and explore the islands on your own. Alternatively, you could hire the relatively affordable services of a local to show you around the island.

During my trip, my best experiences were hiking in Praslin, beach hopping in La Digue, including the hike to Anse Cocos and morning beach walks in Mahe. I only paid for an experience with Crystal Kayaks in La Digue. It was affordable and I thoroughly enjoyed the tour.

Crystal Kayak Tour Seychelles

So back to the question, can you visit Seychelles on a budget?

To summarize, I would say that though the island nation is quite expensive to visit, travellers on a budget can make some choices to reduce costs. Depending on where you live, a one-week budget trip to Seychelles could take you further in some other places. However, Seychelles is unlike many places and I believe it is a destination worth visiting.

Tell me, have you been to Seychelles? Did you visit on a ‘budget’? What are your top tips to help travellers looking to do the same? Share with us in the comment section below!

Also, if you have any questions about visiting Seychelles, feel free to leave them in the comment section as well!

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  1. Africa really needs better open air policy adoption because exploring the continent is sometimes unappealing.

    Lovely post as always.

    • I couldn’t agree more! Africans want to explore Africa (at least many of us do) but between entry discrimination, the high cost of travel and transportation difficulties, it can sometimes be a hassle to do so.

  2. Oh my! I am appalled that flying to Europe costs more than flying to Seychelles, given your proximity to the islands 😳 And yeah, I can’t emphasize the importance of visiting such famous tourist destinations during the off-season! Lovely photos, by the way!

    • Thanks Bahanur. This is the reason why I don’t fault Africans who choose to explore other continents other than ours. Sometimes, it’s just cheaper to do so!