I have previously written about countries Nigerian passport holders can visit visa free, and get an evisa or a visa on arrival in this article. Now, I am going to list seven countries in Asia (with a focus on Southeast Asia) with the cheapest visa fees for Nigerian citizens.

This post was inspired after receiving my South Korean tourist visa. This visa was one of the easiest and cheapest visas I have obtained to date and the processing time is among the shortest. So, if you are thinking about visiting a dream Asian country but are worried about the cost of getting a visa, I hope that you find this article helpful.

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Asian Countries with the Cheapest Visa Fees

PSA: The information presented here is correct at the time of the article’s publication. I will update it from time to time but as travel requirements and visa fees are constantly changing, I encourage you to always check the references and confirm with the embassy or airlines for yourself while planning your trip.

For the sake of consistency, I am presenting the visa fees for all countries in US dollars, using the current official exchange rates or exact values as listed on the embassy’s website. Now, let’s get into it!

Cheapest Visas in Asia for Nigerian Citizens – Visas under $50

Japan – $30

With all the information about the high costs of visiting this country, I did not think that Japan would have one of the cheapest visas for Nigerian citizens to obtain. The government takes it a step further by charging the visa fee only if the embassy approves the applicant’s visa.

This means applicants pay nothing if the application is rejected. The visa costs about $30 (or ₦9,100, as stated on the embassy’s website at the time of this writing). Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to apply for a Japanese Tourist visa and the documents required to do so.

South Korea – $40

Another beautiful Asian country with a fairly cheap entry visa for tourists is South Korea. For some reason, I always perceived South Korea as an elusive travel destination. I thought the application process and documents required from Nigerian travellers would be challenging to obtain and similar to Thailand’s visa application documentation.

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Fortunately, this is not the case here. As I mentioned earlier, this visa was not only relatively cheap, but it was also very easy to get. The visa costs about $40 (or ₦36,000, as stated on the embassy’s website). Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to apply for a South Korean Tourist visa and the documents required to do so.

You can also follow all my adventures in South Korea by checking out this tag and following me on Instagram.

Note that some countries (including South Korea) may require applicants to buy travel insurance as part of the visa requirements. This will add to the overall visa application costs.
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Malaysia – ~$5 + ~$18 processing fee

Excluding the visa processing fees, Malaysia is the country with the cheapest visa to apply for on this list. The visa fee itself costs less than $5 (₦2,000) at the time of this writing.

Places to visit in Kuala Lumpur Visa to Malaysia from Nigeria

Prospective travellers to Malaysia from Nigeria need to apply for a visa through VFS. The centre charges a processing fee of ₦7,800. However, this price is subject to current exchange rates.

There is also an option to apply for an evisa online via this website. Here’s a post with all the details on how to apply.

Singapore – ~$23

Nigerian travellers looking to explore Singapore will be delighted to hear that the visa is not only cheap but also easy to get. Applicants may apply directly through the overseas mission in Nigeria and its approved agent or via an agent with permanent residence in Singapore.

You may visit Singapore’s Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) website here for more information.

Travel Tip: Singapore and Malaysia are located next to each other and one great way to optimize your visit to the region is to combine both countries in a single trip from Nigeria.

Sri Lanka – $20

Next on this list of Asian countries with the cheapest visa fees for Nigerians is Sri Lanka. For only $20, Nigerians can get a double entry visa valid for up to 30 days to visit this country.

Sri Lanka Cheapest visa

PS: The Sri Lankan immigration authority has a notice on its website for visitors from Nigeria (Cameroon, Ivory Coast and Ghana) applying for an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA); these set of individuals need to go through a Sri Lankan sponsor, who might charge a service fee.

Vietnam- $25

The cost of a single entry tourist visa to Vietnam is $25, making it yet another Asian country with a cheap visa fee.

Cheapest Asian visas from Nigeria

Thailand – ~$32

Last but not least is Thailand. At only ₦14,000 for a visa, this country also has one of the cheapest visa fees for Nigerian citizens. However, Thailand requires an NDLEA certificate, as well as a Police Clearance certificate to apply for a visa; both of which require additional payments that will contribute to an overall increased visa cost.

Thailand visa for nigerians

To wrap up this post, here’s a summary of the seven countries listed above and their respective visa fees and references:

Cheapest Visas in Asia for Nigerian Citizens – Summary

CountryVisa FeesReferences
Japan$30The website of the Embassy of Japan in Nigeria
Malaysia~$23VFS Global website and the evisa portal
Singapore~$22Singapore ICA’s website
South Korea$40Korea visa portal
Sri Lanka$20ETA website
Thailand~$32 or ₦14,000Royal Thai Embassy in Abuja Consular Fees
Vietnam$25The website of the embassy of the Social Republic of Vietnam in Nigeria and the evisa portal

If you have been to any of these countries, I would love to hear about your visa application and general travel experiences.

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I would also love to know which Asian countries are on your travel wishlist and your cheapest visa application (in Asia or elsewhere) to date. Share with me in the comment section below!

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  1. nice work mr Amarachi i like this informational more bless..

  2. Hi Amarachi, this is super helpful. Thank you. For the Thailand NDLEA clearance, do you have an idea on how to get it? I found a website with a lengthy process but hoping there is a shorter available route.

    • Hi Seun, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, I have not attempted to get the NDLEA clearance but I hope that once you have the right documents, it should be a seamless process — a big HOPE! lol. Anyway, here’s a link I found on the docs from the official NDLEA website.