How much would it cost for a week-long trip from Nigeria to Kenya? In this post, I will be highlighting the possible amount of money it could cost a traveller to embark on a trip to Kenya. These costs can vary widely depending on how you choose to travel and the activities you indulge in.

The breakdown should only serve as a guide when planning your trip as it only presents a fair idea of how much to budget. Depending on your travel style, which can range from backpacker to luxurious traveller, you will find some information to adjust the breakdown to your preferences.

Baraka the Blind Rhino

The default breakdown will be somewhere in the middle, so it would be neither dirt cheap nor super luxurious. At the end of the post, I have included a table to summarize the cost details. [Jump to Table]

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Trip Planning Resources

Book your accommodation: Find accommodation options for any budget on

Purchase Travel Insurance: I use SafetyWing for both my travel and visa application needs

Activities: Find fun activities and tours in your destination via Get Your Guide, Viator or Klook Travel

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Nigeria to Kenya: How to Get a Kenyan Visa + Cost

Nigerians visiting Kenya have to apply for a visa in advance before they travel. In the past, it was possible to obtain a visa on arrival, however, this has been scrapped (since covid era) and now, all travellers need to apply for and get an evisa (now ETA) before departing Nigeria.

Luckily, this ETA is easy to obtain and costs only $30 (excluding card fees, which could be about $2). Travellers can apply via this website. A return flight ticket and hotel accommodation are required.

Please note that a yellow fever certificate is mandatory for entry into Kenya. If you don’t have one, here’s a post with details on how to get it.

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Nigeria to Kenya Flight Costs: How much is a ticket from Lagos to Nairobi?

Flight costs will depend on the airline you choose to travel with and how far in advance you book your tickets. At the time of this writing, Kenya Airways, the country’s national carrier, operates direct flights from Lagos to Nairobi in about 5 hours.

PS: You can select different origin and destination cities, as well your vacation duration, by clicking on the blue icon at the top of the widget below.

Other airlines, such as Ethiopian Airlines and RwandAir also make the trip, with a layover at their respective hubs. Sometimes, they offer cheaper fares on flights from Nigeria to Kenya.

Champagne Ridge Airbnb Picnic
Champagne Ridge Airbnb Kenya

PS: When booking your flights, it is always advisable to book directly with the airline. This allows you to manage changes easily in case there’s any need for it. However, if you’d like an easy way to compare and track cheap flights from multiple airlines, then an aggregator like WayAway can be used to do just that.

Accommodation Costs for a Trip to Kenya

Accommodation options in Kenya are plentiful and there’s something for every budget. You can expect to find fairly decent places to stay starting from around $30 per night and upwards, depending on the location.

Emara Ole Sereni

I will now highlight a few places to stay in some of the most common destinations to visit in Kenya and my recommendations.

Best Places to Stay in Nairobi

If you are visiting Nairobi for the first time and looking to stay somewhere central, with access to several restaurants and shopping options, the neighbourhoods of Westlands, Parklands, Lavington and Kilimani will be ideal for you.

If you are travelling with kids or want a somewhat quieter holiday in Nairobi, the Karen Environs may be more suited towards this preference. Regardless of where you stay, it is quite easy to commute around the city using public transportation (matatus and bodas) or taxi-hailing services.

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Best Places to Stay in Naivasha

Naivasha is my favourite weekend destination away from Nairobi and I always recommend it to travellers who decide to spend their entire holiday in Nairobi alone.

It takes under 2 hours to travel there from Nairobi and some people opt for a day trip. While this is possible to do, I recommend spending at least one night in the town as there are several fun activities to do in the area.

You may use the widget below to search for places to stay in the town. I will also leave my recommendations, based on the places I’ve stayed at.

I can recommend Camp Carnelly’s for those looking to camp out by the lake. They also have simple indoor accommodation called Bandas, if camping is not your cup of tea. I have also loved staying in the Crescent Island cottages – including the Fish Eagle cottage and Giraffe House.

Crescent Island Giraffes

For a more luxurious stay, you can check out the Lake Naivasha Sopa Resort.

Best Places to Stay in Mombasa

Mombasa is a popular coastal destination for Nigerians travelling to Kenya. I prefer other destinations, including Diani and Watamu and I would recommend them over Mombasa. Having said that, Mombasa might be the best beach destination for you, if you are looking to have a combined city and beach experience.

During my time in Mombasa, I stayed in an Airbnb in the Shanzu suburb. It was a bit far from the centre but I didn’t mind it, because it was closer to my next destination in Kilifi. If you want to be closer to the centre, you can look for suitable accommodation in Nyali.

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Best Places to Stay in Diani

Diani is quite small, so it doesn’t matter where you stay. My preference is to stay at a beachfront accommodation whenever I visit the Kenyan coast but they are sometimes costlier than options without a beachfront.

Diani Beach Ukunda Nigeria to Kenya Destination

Nevertheless, Diani Beach has options for every budget type. You may use the widget below to find a place to stay in Diani. Some of the best accommodations include:

Best Places to Stay in Watamu

Watamu is my favourite Kenyan coastal destination and luckily, it also has accommodation options for every budget type.

I have stayed at Bamba Kofi Tented Camp (super cheap), Crystal Bay Resort (mid-range to expensive) and Kobe Suite Resort (expensive) in Watamu and enjoyed all three stays.

Watamu sandbank

Kobe Suite Resort was my favourite though but I guess that is to be expected, given the cost to stay there. Find your accommodation in Watamu using the widget above.

Best Places to Stay in Lamu

Another interesting coastal destination to visit in Kenya is Lamu. This town is characterized by donkeys and dhows and is oftentimes the highlight of some people’s visits to Kenya.

Where to Stay in Lamu

When visiting Lamu, I recommend staying in Shela over the old town. If you travel as part of a group, then consider renting a house together for the best accommodation experience.

Best Places to Stay in Masai Mara

The Masai Mara needs no introduction. In a country full of excellent safari destinations, the Masai Mara stands out. Home to the Big 5 and the scene of the spectacular annual wildebeest migration, the Masai Mara is Kenya’s top safari location with a price tag to match.

There are also several places to stay in Masai Mara. If you’re looking to travel on a budget, note that booking your accommodation during the peak travel (migration and calving) seasons would come with a premium. It is also best to book far out in advance to get the best rates.

Best Places to Stay in Amboseli

My visit to Amboseli is one of the best safari experiences I have ever had. We stayed at the Amboseli Bush Camp, which I can highly recommend for those looking to visit the park.

The best part about this place is its deck which overlooks a watering hole, where animals congregate daily. We were able to see herds of zebras, elephants, giraffes and more animals come through, right from the comfort of the camp’s living and dining room!

We even encountered a couple of cheetahs on a bush walk with a Masai! Like the Masai Mara, booking early is the key to getting good rates and staying in the best places.

Nigeria to Kenya: Trip Accommodation Costs – Summary

In summary, I’ll peg the cost for accommodation per day at the mid-value of $60. If you’re spending 5 days in Kenya (Nairobi alone), you can expect to spend around $300 for 2 adults sharing. Remember that this cost could be significantly higher or slightly lower, depending on the cities and towns you visit and the accommodation type.

Zebra and the Sunrise Amboseli

Nigeria to Kenya: Costs for Feeding and Activities

This is one area where travellers can have a bit of flexibility. Most worthwhile things to do in Kenya cost money. A 3-day safari to the Masai Mara could set you back about $400; a trip to the Giraffe Centre, Elephant Orphanage and the Nairobi National Park could be about $70-$80 per person for the entrance fees alone.

Giraffe Centre Kenya

You can pick and choose your activities based on your budget. As for feeding, I will recommend allocating about $10 – $15 or higher per meal.

Budget travellers may also consider staying in self-catering accommodation and buying groceries to make their meals to further reduce costs here.

Oaxaca Centro Colourful buildings

stay safe while you travel

Protect yourself from the unexpected while you travel by purchasing an Insurance Cover. I use SafetyWing, which is affordable and covers several travel-related risks, such as unexpected illness or injury, eligible hospital expenses, lost luggage and more. Click here to purchase a cover for your travel and visa application needs.

Nigeria to Kenya FREE Cost Calculator

To wrap up this post, here’s a sample table to give you an idea of how much to budget for your trip from Nigeria to Kenya. As I have mentioned earlier, this is just a guide. Depending on your travel style, activities and how far in advance you book your holiday, you can expect the prices given here to be higher or lower.

Items, ActivitiesPrices (from)Comments
Flights from Nigeria to Kenya$750Flight on Kenya Airways
Visa fee$52
Travel Insurance$13SafetyWing (optional)
Accommodation in Kenya for 5 nights$150based on 2 ppl sharing
Transportation in Nairobi, including airport transfers$100based on 2 ppl sharing
Activities – excluding safaris outside Nairobi$200
Shopping and Misc$100
Total costs for one person$1,565+

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  1. I’ve been meaning to ask you this. Glad you wrote this guide.😊

    How about hostels? Would it make any significant difference if one chooses to stay in hostels?

    • Thanks, Favour. Generally, hostels are much cheaper. However, I don’t necessarily think that the prices (for the ones I’ve seen so far in Kenya) are worth it, as they are close enough to prices for comfortable private accommodation. The only exception might be Diani, where you get a little more value by staying in a beachfront hostel for less.

      Even then, I would instead book a private stay and visit a beachfront property from there.

  2. You share such valuable information, and in so much detail too!! Goodness. Well done!