Kwara State is nicknamed the ‘State of Harmony’. It was easy to see why during my visit with Unravelling Nigeria last October. As I already mentioned in the second part of that series, I found the people of Kwara to be one of the friendliest set of people I have ever met in all my travels within Nigeria.

Everyone, from the hotel staff to the Oba and his chiefs at the palace; from the staff who worked at the Unilorin zoo gate to Dada Community and to Esie Museum, every single person we met welcomed us with a smile and so much warmth.

One of our stops during the trip was Dada Pottery, an all-female run enterprise in the heart of the city of Ilorin. Here, we learned about the craft of pottery making – one that is said to be as old as the city itself. We also learned about how this craft is passed on from one generation to the next…

I enjoyed visiting and documenting the entire process. These are some of the results of our little photo session. I hope you enjoy viewing these images as much as I did taking them…

You can read more about Dada Pottery in this article by Unravelling Nigeria.

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