When I first started this blog a few years ago, I penned down a list of 5 places I was looking forward to visiting in Nigeria. They included Obudu Mountain Resort, Ikogosi Warm Springs, Yankari Game Reserve, Awhum Cave & Waterfalls and Osun Oshogbo Grove.

As you have probably guessed from the locations I included a hyperlink for, I have visited only two places from that list. I don’t feel too bad though because I have ended up visiting so many other places that weren’t on my initial list. (Including Kajuru Castle in Kaduna, Oowu Waterfalls & environs in Kwara, Epe Mangroves in Lagos, just to name a few…)

Update: Visited Osun Oshogbo Grove now 🙂 Read about my trip here

I have decided to revisit my former list and in addition to the three other places I haven’t been to yet, here are 5 more places I can’t wait to visit in Nigeria…

Zaria, Kaduna

Photo Credit: Suzan of Waka Waka Chronicles

I want to visit Zaria for several reasons. The Durbar Festival and the beautiful walls of the Emir’s Palace are just some of them. I also think the Northern Nigeria landscape and architecture are gorgeous. When I was younger, I spent some holidays in Jos and Minna. My memories of these places are priceless. I’m definitely looking forward to revisiting them.

River Ethiope, Abraka, Delta

Photo Credit: Enefa for Artsy Moments

When I saw pictures of River Ethiope on Enefa’s, and Unravelling Nigeria travel blogs, I knew it was going on my ‘to-visit’ list. The river looks so serene, Enefa’s pictures make me want to jump right in. But I think a boat ride will suffice when I get the chance to visit.

Gurara Waterfalls

Photo Credit: Social Prefect

I can’t tell you enough how much I love waterfalls. It would be a dream come true to visit Gurara. Fortunately, this falls is only about one hour away from Abuja. I’m looking forward to my next trip to the country’s capital and hopefully, I can make a detour to see one of Nigeria’s most impressive waterfalls.

Tarkwa Bay, Lagos

Photo Credit: Enefa for Artsy Moments

Tarkwa Bay has been on my list for quite a while now. I think it’s time I checked it off, especially seeing as I live very close by. My main interest isn’t the beach – which is weird, but for reasons I can’t explain, I’m really keen on seeing the old lighthouse there.

I also want to learn to surf at some point and Tarkwa Bay is probably the best place to do that in Lagos.

Ngwo Pine Forest, Enugu

Photo Credit: Enefa for Artsy Moments

I haven’t explored Eastern Nigeria as much as I would love to, even though I have visited nearly all the states there. I am hoping the next time I visit Enugu, I would have enough time to make a stop at the Ngwo Pine Forest and the caves close by.

So there you have it; a list of 5 additional places I can’t wait to visit in Nigeria. Have you been to any of these places before? What was your experience like?

And if not, what places are you looking forward to visiting in Nigeria? Let me know in the comment section below…
Places to visit in Nigeria

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  1. Hi Amarachi,

    I’m a photographer based in Lagos. I’d love us to work together hopefully. Kindly contact me via mail


  2. Why do I feel like you have visited everywhere here?

  3. Friendly reminder, you’ve visited Osun grove.
    Please hyperlink it https://www.travelwithapen.com/osun-osogbo-grove-trip/
    You said you’ve been blogging for quite some time, can I ask, how long?

  4. Olufisayo Adeleke

    Love the list! I haven’t been to any of these places, but from your list I would love to visit Zaria…kindly drag me along when you are going!

    Then I also want to visit Calabar and Jos before the year runs out…seeing as that is like 7 weeks away…fingers crossed for the stunt I will have to pull.

    Kajuru Castle is def on the list, Ilorin and finally Port Harcourt (I will like to see an oil rig)

    • You can do it! haha.. Besides, Calabar is buzzing in December, that’s one of the best times to visit. When the election season drama dies down, we could embark on a Northern Nigerian tour.

      As for rigs in PH, they are typically far out into the sea… (the drillships are the coolest) but you know, you could see those in Lagos as well? There are two jackup rigs just sitting idle in Marina. I have always wondered if they allowed visitors (or even students in the O&G field) to come check it out. Maybe we could try to make inquiries…

      • Fifi the Amazing

        Yayyyy to a Northern NIgeria trip…totally down for that.
        Will buzz you about the rigs in Marina.

  5. I’ve not been to any place on this list but I’d love to go to Ngwo Pine Forest, Enugu

  6. I’ve only been to Takwa bay; I will love to visit Zaria too, I saw it on Susuan’s Instagram page and I’ve been dreaming of how and when it’s going to be possible to experience the Durban festival, I also look forward to the pine forest in Enugu ever since I read about the place on the ajalabug blog.

    • Thanks for your comment, Busayo. Susan captured Northern Nigeria and the festival beautifully. I just read about Maggie’s trip on her blog. Her account was hilarious! So many great tips though, will keep that in mind for when I visit.

  7. Makanjuola Ibrahim

    Lovely list but I look forward to visit gurara waterfall and kajuru castle is still on my list too… But about the river in Abrams, Delta I will check on it online to see how fascinating it is. Lots and lots of beautiful places to visit in Nigeria. Have you heard of Ayankulugba waterfall, you will love it but it in a very remote area. Have not been there either but on my list soon.

    • Thanks for your comment, Makanjuola. I haven’t heard of that waterfall, which state is it in? I’ll try to check it out too. Thanks for the suggestion.

  8. Please I want to visit Kajuru castle Kaduna but I hear u have to rent the whole place which is about 250,000. Is there a tour company that organize for people to visit there at cheaper rates?

    • Hi Nnenna, that price is for a group of 12 to stay overnight (may have changed by now too). You can find more info for day trips here: https://www.travelwithapen.com/kajuru-castle-need-know-plan-trip/

      Regarding tours going to Kajuru, none of the people I know currently have that but I’m sure if you look around the internet/Instagram, you might find an operator going there. Alternatively, you could contact Bauchi Friends on IG to ask if they can organize a private tour for you and your friends.

  9. I have been to Tarkwa Bay and hopefully should be visiting Ngwo Pine. I am also looking forward to climbing Mount Patti in Kogi State😊

    • I’ll be texting you for tips on how to get to TB. Let me know when you plan to visit Mount Patti and Ngwo. If our schedules align, I could join you then.