Before I travel, I like to look for the most ‘touristy’ thing to do in the places I visit – just for the fun of it. I actually have a growing list of such things. For example, In Pisa, I would like to eat pizza and take a cheesy leaning tower photo, because, why not?!

In India, I got into full tourist mode and tried some new things and a few old ones…

Took a yoga class

What better place to try yoga for the first time than the land from whence it originated? Almost all the hotels I stayed in had a yoga class and an instructor but I was really enthralled by the one in Jaipur. I stayed in Shahpura House, a hotel which was once a palace. There, I had the pleasure of meeting Mita, my yoga instructor.
The one-hour class with her was wonderful. I never knew yoga could be so exhilarating! Sadly, I have not returned to my yogi ways since then but I did get a mat though – I should get points for that!
Got my palms read

While in Agra, there was an astrologer at the lobby of the hotel who offered his services. In full tourist mode, I obliged. He managed to accurately guess my favorite colors (two of them), how many kids I’d like to have and the order I’d like to have them. He made several other personal comments that actually surprised me but hey, I’m an open book, so I’ll attribute that to a well-informed guess 🙂
Rode a tuk-tuk
I rode a variation of a tuk-tuk in old city of Delhi. When I got my itinerary from the company who organized my tour, a ride in a tuk-tuk was specified as a trip highlight. I immediately told them to yank it off the list considering that we have enough of them in Lah-gos! (Tuk-tuks = Keke). This was a bit different though, it’s more of a bicycle with a carriage and the experience was…well, at least I can say I rode a tuk-tuk in India.

Released my inner Bollywood Princess

I could not resist getting dressed and striking a ‘Namaste’ pose in front of the Taj Mahal. If that doesn’t scream ‘Tourist!’ I don’t know what else does. You don’t see that in this particular picture but I even bust a few dance moves right there! (Un)fortunately, the pictorial evidence of this will forever remain hidden to save my family name from disgrace.
There you have it! I’d love to hear about your own ‘touristy’ moments. Please share them in the comment box below.

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