If you’ve ever spent endless nights dreaming, dreaming about what it would be like swimming with penguins (yes, I know some of you are weird like that!), Boulders Beach is your dream come true. This beach is home to the famous colony of African Penguins and is one of South Africa’s top attractions.

The sister and I visited as part of a half-day trip from Cape Town’s city center. It took us about an hour or so to get there, although we made other stops along the way. Even before we got to the beach, we could already see a few penguins waddling their derriere around the neighborhood.

The beach contained thousands more. I was surprised to see that many, I later got to learn that they are actually endangered. The African Penguin colony here is one of very few left on the continent. So if you plan to visit, be sure to be a responsible tourist and don’t try to steal a penguin (it has happened before!)

Anyway, enjoy the rest of the photos from our tour.

Bucket list item, anyone?

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