The moment I stepped off the ferry from Mahé into the terminal in La Digue, I could tell that my decision to spend the most time on this Island was the right one.

La Digue felt different in many good ways. Its size, calm vibe, gorgeous beaches dotted with granite boulders and the presence of more bicycles than cars were some of my favourite things about the Island.

I spent 4 days (and 3 nights in La Digue) and I thought this was quite sufficient to see all the major attractions I was interested in. My accommodation in La Passe, located only minutes away from the ferry terminal, was a great point to begin each day’s activities.

Getting around in La Digue

Considering that this Island is quite small, the best way to explore it is on a bicycle (or tricycle). In fact, this is the most common way residents and visitors get around. There are a few cars, trucks and golf carts as well but they are not nearly as common as bicycles.

Before I arrived, I attempted to rent a tricycle, for obvious reasons that I will not “say out loud” but I ditched that plan upon arrival after realizing how easy it was to simply explore on foot. So that’s what I did and I thoroughly enjoyed doing so.

Getting around in La Digue
Bicycles are the most common means of transportation in La Digue

Now, having said that, I still think renting a bicycle is the best way to see La Digue. It certainly makes the commute from one end of the Island to the other much more interesting and faster, of course.

La Digue in 4 days: Beach hopping, hiking and more!

My favourite thing to do in La Digue was to hop from one beach to another. Each morning, I began the day by finding a spot to watch the sunrise, and then I filled my afternoons with long walks before enjoying gorgeous sunset views on the beach.

The first beaches I visited were Anse Severe and Anse Patates. I loved Anse Patates so much that I walked 20 minutes (one-way) each day to spend some time there.

Anse Patates

I found the beach to be very picturesque and often less crowded (sometimes, empty) than Anse Severe, for example, which is the stretch of beach just before this.

Anse Patates Picnic

If I were to revisit La Digue – and I hope that I do someday, this beach will remain a daily stop for me.

Anse Source D’argent & Crystal Kayak Tour

On my second day in La Digue, I signed up for a 3-hour tour on transparent kayaks with Crystal Water Kayaks.

This tour was such a fun way to explore the beach and learn a little more about La Digue. It began at Anse Source D’argent, from where we kayaked to Anse Pierrot, where parts of the 1988 movie, Crusoe, were filmed.

Anse Pierrot

The tour continued with an exploration of the cave the movie was shot in, a coconut breaking contest and a refreshing swim in a breathtaking natural pool.

By the time the tour was over, it was late afternoon. I stayed back on the beach to get some photos on my kayak without the tour group and to enjoy the beautiful sunset views over the ocean.

Anse Songe and Grand L’Anse

The next day, I made my way over to Anse Cocos. At least, that was meant to be my original destination. But after a slight mix up in the location I keyed into the maps app, I ended up at Anse Songe and Grand L’Anse.

After admiring the beautiful views from this little detour, I traced my way back and got on the right trail to Anse Cocos.

Grand Anse, Petite Anse & Anse Cocos

The right trail to get on is the Anse Caiman trail, which leads to Grand Anse, Petite Anse, Anse Cocos, Anse Caiman and beyond.

It took a little over an hour (including the detour) for me to arrive at Anse Cocos. This hike was so exhilarating that I considered doing it again the next morning and Anse Cocos was simply magical.

I enjoyed swimming and snorkelling in its beautiful natural pool. When I got tired, I simply found a shade, laid out a beach towel and enjoyed a nap. Then I awoke to do it all again!

Anse Severe

Finally, it was indeed time to leave this small slice of paradise on earth. I had booked the second ferry out to Praslin, so I enjoyed a slow morning, sipping a delicious shake, on Anse Severe. It felt like the perfect way to end my stay.

If you plan to visit, you can check out my travel cost breakdown post detailing how much a trip to Seychelles could cost you. I have also shared the current travel requirements and some important details to know, especially for Nigerian travellers in this post. Lastly, I shared quite a bit about this trip on my Instagram Stories, archived here.

La Digue Beach Shacks
Spot the Nigerian Flag?

I visited 3 Islands in Seychelles – Mahé, La Digue and Praslin. La Digue was by far my favourite. A lot of people visit as a day trip from either Mahé or Praslin but I think it is worth spending at least one full day here.

Tell me, is La Digue on your travel wishlist or have you been there before? I would love to hear from you!

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  1. Hello Amarachi!
    Thank you for sharing your travels with us. I first came across your writing – and Mark’s photos – on your Turkiye articles as my wife and I are headed there shortly. But La Digue is a favorite spot and I’ve been returning to these special islands for more than 20 years now ……. with some very good friends I am lucky to have met. Glad you enjoyed your time there, it is a special spot!
    Regards and Safe Travels, Barry

    • Thank you, Barry! La Digue is truly special. It’s incredible to learn that you have been returning to the islands for that long and it has actually inspired me to plan to revisit sooner than I had in mind with Mark. I hope you and your wife have a splendid time in Turkey as well!

  2. And was there seaweed on some of the beaches ?

  3. Which month did you visit La Digue ?

  4. On my travel wishlist💜💜💜